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21 Feb 2021 16:02:00

Dedicated to Violet

>>> Copyright notice from the author: All rights reserved. © / Copyright: 2017 Maria van Daarten. No part of this book may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means without the prior written permission of the author. Only CO “Legalife-Ukraine” has permission. – Translated from German to English by <<<


Ed opens the door. The room is bathed in sunlight. Oh, my God! I need to change that immediately or Ed will see every little wrinkle on my face. Direct sunlight is the biggest enemy in my profession, especially at my age. I have to act quickly. With a smile on my face, I softly say meaningless drivel like, ‘hi baby, nice to meet you’, as I walk over to the large front window and draw the curtains closed.

“Let’s make it a bit more comfortable in here!” I say, finishing off my superficial chatter as I turn to face Ed. Obviously surprised, he is still standing near the door wrapped in a Hilton bathrobe. Placing my new hat on a chair, I walk toward Ed. Since he stands there quietly, I am forced to say something. I ask:

“Hi, baby! Did you have a nice day? I’m glad you speak German. Where exactly are you from?”

“Yes, I had a good day, Anika, thanks for asking. Work is work. — Actually, I’m from Salzburg. Now let’s have a look at you, you whirlwind!”

Flustered, I turn once around so my knee-length, loose floral dress flairs outward. What is wrong with me? The way I have behaved since entering his room, he must imagine I am a nut job. Time to pull it together! Unfortunately, I cannot do that with a snap of a finger, so I will buy myself time. I say:

“Wait, darling, let me use the bathroom to slip into something a bit sexier for you. You can’t see enough of me in this dress.”

I wink at him.

“Is that the bathroom?” I point to a door.

“Yes, that’s it. Feel free to use it!”

“Go ahead and get comfortable on the bed, darling, I’ll be right there to spoil you!”

My God, so far my performance has been crap! Inside the bathroom, I change into my striped bodysuit that barely covers my breasts and pussy. I also slip on black strapless stockings. After putting on gold-colored jewelry on my ears, neck, and wrists, I glance at myself in the big bathroom mirror. I think Ed will be blown away when he sees me! And, since I promised him hot sex, I decide to insert a vaginal suppository. Not because I need it for pregnancy prevention, but my body heat will melt the suppository in about ten minutes and then my pussy will be nice and wet. It fools the customer into thinking I am turned on by what he is doing to me. The suppositories are relatively tasteless, which is why it is okay for a customer to lick me while it dissolves. I finish off with a spritz of my perfume and take a deep breath to calm myself. I am ready to go on stage! With my small bag of work equipment, I open the bathroom door and slowly step into the bedroom. Ed – 50-ish, tan, tall, slender, good-looking, salt and pepper hair – has taken off the bathrobe, is sitting naked on the bed smoking a cigarette. I guess he needed it considering my initial behavior.

“Damn, you look fantastic! — Do you mind?” He holds up his cigarette.

“No, darling. You just sit there and finish your smoke. — I’m going to spoil you a bit, okay?”

“Fantastic, you little minx. I can’t wait to see what you do to me!”

After placing my bag at the head of the bed, I crawl on hands and knees toward him and begin my performance by licking his proud member. Oral sex is always a good way to start. I first check that his cock looks healthy. Since I stupidly promised steamy sex, I decide to blow him without a condom. I run my tongue up his still flaccid peter and circle the tip of his cock. I happily note an immediate reaction. Ed watches the entire time. I spread my knees a bit more and arch my back so my butt sticks up. I have assumed this seductive pose many times, so my movements are catlike. I am firmly convinced my figure looks its best when giving a blowjob in this position. This, in turn, fortifies my self-confidence when dealing with a customer, even if he is new or someone I know.

Ed’s upper body rests on a pile of pillows. Having put out his cigarette, he runs his hand over my almost bare back. So he can also reach my butt and pussy, I adjust the angle of my body. Determining I have teased his hard rod long enough, I insert it deep in my mouth and suck on it. Ed immediately groans aloud and then wheezes:

“Oh, baby! What are you doing?”

Well, I have to make up for my earlier behavior. I do not want him remembering me as some crazy chick, more like a blonde sex goddess. Ed reaches for my crotch and slides the flimsy material of my bodysuit aside. In order to make it easier for him to slide his finger into my pussy, I spread my labia with two fingers.

“You like that?” Ed asks as he pokes around.

Taking a break from blowing him, I reply:

“Yes, very much! If you want, you can fuck me real good. I also have a little sex toy you can stick up my butt.”

I am not that indulgent with everyone. Bottom line, I have to make it up to Ed. Reaching for my equipment bag at the head of the bed, I pull out a small vibrator. It is slightly larger and thicker than a lipstick. Handing it to him, I say:

“But please don’t switch on the vibrator. I don’t like that in my butt.”

However, Ed is content just fingering me. As he feels the liquid of the dissolving vaginal suppository, he says:

“Man, you’re pussy is dripping, Anika. I take it you like what I’m doing!”

Releasing Ed’s cock, I answer:

“You bet! I’m horny for your cock. What do you say? You want to start fucking me?”

“Hold on a second. I want to stick the toy in your butt. You’d like that, right?”

“Yes, of course! But take it easy fucking me with it, I don’t want to come just yet. I want to wait until your hard cock is deep inside my pussy!”

“Okay, then stop blowing me! Let me focus only on you and your awesome butt!” Ed says. He moves into kneeling position right behind my spread legs. Wetting my middle finger, I spread my anus so Ed has an easier time sticking the small vibrator in my ass.

“So, you insatiable slut, now you’re going to get what you’ve been longing for! — You like that, don’t you? Watch out, good ole Ed will give it to you good!”

He thrusts the little vibrator deep in my butt and starts fucking me with it. At the same time, he uses his other hand to rub my pussy and clit roughly. It does not feel good. To put an end to it, I say after a few minutes of loud moaning:

“Ed, I can’t wait any longer. Please fuck me! Please, I want to come with your dick inside me!”

“Okay, you fucking slut, as you wish. Brace yourself! Uncle Ed will fuck you ‘til you lose your mind!”

“Great, — but wait a sec, let me grab a condom!”

A normal size rubber is fine for Ed. I grab one from the bag and roll it over his erection. Ed is so excited his face is bright red. His expression slightly resembles that of a man possessed. I do not think he will take long to reach climax. Of course, I could continue playing with him for a while longer, but I do not want to pretend any longer than necessary. As the saying goes, brevity is the soul of wit. The important thing is Ed will believe he had steamy sex.

With the condom in place, I assume my previous position and invitingly stick my wet open pussy in the air. Without wasting a second, he forcefully rams his cock into my pussy. One hand still grasps the vibrator in my butt and his other grabs my hips as if fucking me were his last performance. I clench the bed sheet so I do not slide further up every time he thrusts.

I say, “Oh, Ed, you’re a great fuck!” to spur him on. I sense he is about to climax. I groan:

“Yes, baby! I’m coming! Oh, God, yes, I’m coming!”

I fake a great orgasm because I know Ed is one of those men who need it in order to reach the peak. What do you know… he cannot contain himself. Between guttural noises, he shoots his load. Once finished, he falls back onto the bed with his eyes closed, breathing heavily from the exertion of reaching an orgasm. I reach around and gently extract the small vibrator from my butt and the still intact rubber. I let both items fall to the floor next to the bed. Then I lie down next to him, propping myself up on one elbow.

“Wow, that was a great fuck, Anika! — Did you enjoy it too?”

“Yes! It was great! I like sex this way. It doesn’t happen every day. But this made work particularly fun for me!”

It is actually true. The last half an hour went smoothly. Ed, obviously satisfied, sits up, and offers me a cigarette. Politely, I decline. Naturally, he has one and we talk for a while. Ed tells me he works for a lighting company that supplies theaters and that they currently are working on a project in Athens. He also tells me about his problems working with Greek subcontractors and that he usually does not get to eat dinner until late in the evening, which upsets his stomach. He does not turn down his colleagues’ invitations so as not to appear rude. When Ed finishes his cigarette and stubs it out, I ask:

“Darling, is it okay if I hop in the shower?”

“Yes, of course!”

Ed lights up another cigarette. I pick up the vibrator and condom on my way to the bathroom. The shower is big and luxurious. I treat myself to an extra-long shower with the massage function on. After dressing, brushing my hair, and applying fresh eye makeup, I return to the room. Meanwhile, Ed has placed three 50-euro bills in plain view next to my hat. Pointing to them, he says:

“Thank you, Anika. You earned it! I might call you again. I’ll definitely keep your number.”

“Thank you, Ed. Yes, it certainly was nice chatting in German again.”

“That’s true, I liked that too. My English isn’t very good and trying to make myself understood at work every day is exhausting. I only called you because your ad said you’re German. I never expected to be such a lucky dog and end up with such an attractive lady!”

“Why thank you, darling! I’m glad to hear you’re happy with me!”

“Oh, yes, Anika, I truly am.”

I pocket the bills and grab my sun hat. Ed, still naked, walks me to the door and gives me a peck on both cheeks. And that is that. Riding the elevator down to the lobby, I see I missed three calls while I was working. All three are unknown numbers. Oh well, that is just the way it is. — Hm, what to do now? It is too early to go back to my hotel. Grab a bite to eat? — Yes, I must eat something for dinner! While doing that, let’s see if anything happens.

to be continued

Sunshine, Sex & Easy Money: Diary of a Call Girl, Maria van Daarten

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