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26 Feb 2021 11:02:00

Dedicated to Violet

>>> Copyright notice from the author: All rights reserved. © / Copyright: 2017 Maria van Daarten. No part of this book may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means without the prior written permission of the author. Only CO “Legalife-Ukraine” has permission. – Translated from German to English by <<<


By the time I leave the Hilton, the temperature has become more bearable than earlier. I should avoid unnecessary walking during a heat wave. It only drains me. Even my new sun hat cannot prevent it. About 300 meters down the road from the Hilton Hotel is a subway station. From there I can catch a ride all the way to Monastiraki Square. As I am about to descend the wide staircase, my phone rings — an unknown number.


“Are you the German woman?”

“Yes. My name is Anika.”

“What services do you provide? How much do you charge?”

“I provide all kinds of services. Is there anything in particular you’re interested in?”

“Yes, I’m into anal sex. I want to fuck a German woman’s ass real good.”

Oh my god! I do not care for his tone at all! Breathing deeply, I calmly reply:

“I’m sorry, I don’t do anal. You should call someone else. Thanks for the call, bye.”

I hang up. I am indignant. It rings again. Another unknown number. Perhaps it is someone else.


“Why did you hang up on me? I want to know how much you charge!”

“My rate is of no importance. I told you I don’t do anal.”

I am trying to stay calm. Why is he so pushy?

“Maybe I want a blowjob from a German woman. Tell me, how much do I have to dish out to see you?”

“My price is 250 an hour.”

Mistakenly, I hope the increased rate will put an end to his belligerence.

“250? That’s a lot! I’m sure you know we’re in a big economic crisis. How about you adjust your rate accordingly?”

“I’m not forcing anyone to pay my price. They either agree or they don’t. I don’t think we’re in agreement. Please try someone else and don’t call me back! Okay? And thanks for asking!”

I hang up hoping the creep has gotten the message. It is not long before my phone rings again. Letting it ring, I consider what I should say if it is the same man. — Without a word, I will simply hang up. Yes, that is best. Obviously, he could continue to terrorize me with his calls. Since he has no caller ID, the number will not appear and there is no way to tell if it is him or someone else. It continues to ring, so I decide to answer. Again, it is the boor. I barely manage to say hello when he starts:

“I want to meet you! When do you have time?”

Contrary to my intention, I answer:

“I thought 250 was too much for you. Why are you calling me back?”

“I want to fuck a German woman, understand?”

“No, I don’t get it. I don’t need your business! The matter is settled. I will no longer talk to you.”

Irritated, I shove the phone in my bag as if that would make a difference! A few seconds later another unknown number. This time I pick up and do not say a word:

“Hey!” a voice says.

I immediately recognize it and hang up. Once I told my family, friends, and acquaintances in Germany that I planned to go to Athens to find employment, a few of them shook their heads and informed me that many Greeks hate Germans. I certainly was, and still am, aware that the Germans are blamed for their economic crisis. Greeks hold the Germans responsible every time pensions or jobs are cut. There must be intelligent Greeks who understand their own country is responsible for the current situation. I am certain there are plenty of Greeks who still like Germans a lot. That is due to our punctuality, dependability, Mr. Rehhagel – the Greek soccer team’s former coach – reliable German automobiles, discipline, and hard work. Besides, Greek men are known for having a thing for blonde German women, not because German women are prettier than Greek women, we are simply different, that is all. I would not think their desire for German women had diminished during this crisis. Since being in Athens, I have only had good experiences with Greeks. Except for this one rude man, everyone else has been nice and polite. He was one of those men that can be found anywhere. I will not let him discourage me!

As I stroll through the old town, I come upon the square in the Roman Agora where the Tower of Winds stands. It is a well-preserved octagonal tower with beautiful reliefs of wind gods running around the upper part. Directly across from it is a garden with several restaurants. In order to enjoy the old tower for a while longer, I grab a free table at the closest restaurant. My phone has not rung in the last few minutes. Hopefully, the man has finally given up. The waiter arrives and I order a large bottle of water and saganaki, pan-fried cheese. It is good to give my feet a break. Even though I only worked two hours today, it somehow feels longer. I call Violet and this time she actually answers.

“Hi, Violet, it is Anika. How are you?”

“Oh, darling! I’m sorry for not returning your call, but today all hell broke loose! Today is the hottest day yet. All the men are apparently going crazy, thinking only about sex! Sex, sex, sex! My phone hasn’t stopped ringing all day. This morning it started with Christo. He came to my place at 11:00 a.m. Afterward, I took a taxi to the 6 X Hotel in Glyfada to meet Spiros. Then, I get back home and I get a call from a cardiac surgeon from Thessaloniki, asking if I can come to the President Hotel. Obviously, I went. You know, it is in the middle of the city, right behind the Hilton Hotel! Damn, that man was exhausting. He wanted everything, starting with a blowjob. Then, he was on top and after that, from behind. Later, he fingers me a little, grabs and fondles my tits, and then he wants to lick me. After all that, he jerks off at the end without a condom on my ass. I tell you, it must be the heat wave. It makes them randy! Even Christo couldn’t get enough and was on me like a rabbit. Every time he was about to come he wanted to change positions to draw it out. — I mean, a few more thrusts and he would have been relieved! What’s with the delay? Anyway, today it took over a half an hour! Usually, he only needs 20 minutes, tops. Oh well, there are those days. Also, Werner from Belgium called, but I had already agreed to see Thassos the heart surgeon and was on my way to the President Hotel. You might not believe me, but Nikos just left my place. He pays 150. He’s an optician with his own shop in Piraeus. He became one of my regulars through my ad in Athens World. All in all, it was a great day. Obviously, I’m exhausted! Before you called, Jonathan phoned to see if I could come to the Metropolitan Hotel! Certainly I can. See how crazy this day has been! I haven’t even eaten a proper meal yet, but I’m drinking like I’m dying of thirst! I can relax for another 30 minutes before I have to grab a cab to the hotel. And, God willing, that’ll be it for today. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to make so much money! But, darling, it’s so exhausting! So, how was your day? Have you been busy too?”

“Yes, this afternoon I had an appointment with a young Greek man with a foot fetish and just now I was with an Austrian at the Hilton. Both paid 150. So, I did okay!”

I also tell Violet about the persistent, ill-mannered man who wanted to fuck a German woman. She reports she has also encountered similar guys. Then I describe my meeting with Lucio.

“I told you, darling, he still dreams about his teacher! I guess he never called me back because I’m not too good at role-playing. I’m sure he’ll call you back. — So, he only paid 100? That’s not much. Next time, if he wants to touch you, tell him it costs extra! — And he wants his ass spanked? With the whip? I couldn’t do that. Francis was a customer I saw on two occasions and he also wanted to be beaten. I put my leather outfit and leather thigh high boots on, but I knew that didn’t make me a dominatrix. Francis brought his own whip and told me to whip him hard. I couldn’t do it! I was afraid of hurting him! Maybe you’ll receive a call from him. His name might be Francis, but he’s a Brit. I think he’s into blonde, leather-clad women. If he calls me, I’ll give him your phone number. Likewise, if you have a customer who asks if you have a friend, you can put in a good word for me. — I mean, I’m not talking about exchanging customers, just if one asks for a recommendation without wanting to see both of us. He’s going to someone else anyway, so why shouldn’t it be me? If someone calls and asks if I work as a dominatrix, I can say I have a colleague who’s much better at it than I am. Okay?”

“Yes, we can do that. I don’t have a problem chastising someone.”

“You have no qualms about hitting somebody? I mean, really beat someone with a whip until there are red welts. — You can do that?”

“Yes, I can. Think about it. The customer is asking to be beaten. He even pays a great deal of money for it. Why should I have misgivings if it’s his wish? —Naturally, I have my limits. I could never seriously hurt someone, even if requested. I think I have good judgment when it comes to realizing someone’s limit.”

“Oh, darling, just looking at you, it would never cross my mind that you had that in you. But that means nothing. No one believed I would make it as a prostitute. Yet here I am. — And please, don’t misunderstand me, just because you can beat someone doesn’t mean I think you’re a bad person! I’m merely stating that I can’t do it. Then again, I’m not good at role-playing either. Perhaps it requires a certain amount of acting talent, who knows?”

“Yes, maybe it does. In any case, I can do all that and I’m not ashamed to earn money with it.”

“That’s what matters. Each according to his or her talents! I was a fairly good hairdresser, but I think I am a better prostitute. I can’t even imagine doing any other job. What? A cashier or secretary? Or a sales clerk? Can you imagine working eight hours on an assembly line for peanuts? —I don’t think there’s anything out there I am better suited for or would like more than pleasuring men for a half hour. Of course, only if they pay well! — Anyway, darling, I have to get ready now. I told you Jonathan is waiting for me at the Metropolitan Hotel. I’m hoping you get more business today! Bye now. Kisses, darling, and don’t forget to call me again!”

“Thanks, Violet, have a nice evening!”

I eat my salty grilled cheese that, unfortunately, has the consistency of rubber. Lots of water is required to get it down my throat. Apart from the deplorable food here, I feel great, as if I am a tourist out on a beautiful, hot summer night in the middle of the old town in Athens without anything to worry about.

My phone rings. A Greek cell phone number:

“Hello! I saw your ad in Athens World. That’s your ad, right?”

“Yes, it’s mine. Would you like more information?”

He says yes, so I tell him about my services and the hourly rate.

“Oh, 150 euros. What does that include for that price?”

“Only safe sex, including oral. Are you interested in something special?”

“Yes. How about kissing? Do you kiss?”

“That depends. Right now, over the phone, I can’t promise anything. Please understand that I would have to see you first. Ordinarily, it’s a possibility.”

“That’s good. Kissing is important to me. And oral sex. Is that with or without a rubber?”

“I also can’t say yet. Normally, it’s with a condom, but if you look healthy, I might make an exception. Just so you know, you can’t come in my mouth!”

“Yes, of course, I understand. Thanks for the information, Anika. I’ll get back in touch. By the way, my name is Arthur.”

“Thanks for calling, Arthur!”

“Okay, until later then! Bye, Anika.”

Once we disconnect I save his number under ‘Arthur-kissing’. If he calls again, I’ll immediately know who it is. He didn’t sound Greek, more like Northern European. It’s still early and I think about what to do. Maybe I’ll take a walk through the Plaka. Yes, I’m in a mood for that! After paying for my food, I follow the throng of tourists that have been meandering by.

Down a busy narrow street, I encounter one small souvenir shop after another. I see cotton crepe shirts and dresses that remind me of the bygone hippie era along with leather sandals no Greek would wear nowadays. Also, there is pottery decorated with various scenes from ancient mythology and Greek history. In a shop selling Greek soccer team merchandise, my curiosity gets the better of me and I inquire about the colors. The Olympiacos Piraeus soccer team has a red and white emblem and the Panathinaikos Athens soccer team has a green shamrock for their emblem. Apparently, both teams fight for the top spot in the Superleague Greece. Granted, I have no personal interest in this, but for work, it is good to know a bit about the Greek soccer teams. After all, men are obsessed with soccer and my job is not only about sex, it also requires small talk.

Strolling through the alleys of the Plaka, I attempt to read the Greek street signs and names of shops. In order to become familiar with the language, it is a useful exercise. Once I can read a word, the more likely I know the translation. For example, with a bit of deduction, I detect the word dentist in Odontiatos. And I deduce the word Ilektrologos means electrician. It is like a guessing game that allows me to expand my vocabulary the easy way. My phone rings and I see its Adonis, the man I spent time with on the roof terrace of the Ammas Hotel, where we had ice cream before I took him to bed as a paying customer.

“Hi, Adonis!”

“Hello, Anika! How are you?”

“I’m fine, thanks for asking! I’m becoming more and more familiar with Athens. How are you?”

“I’m okay. Can we meet tomorrow?”

“Certainly! When and where?”

“I’d prefer we meet in Glyfada at the Lenny Blue Hotel. At 2:00 p.m. would be great. Does that fit into your schedule?”

“Sure does. Can you give me the hotel address?”

“No, unfortunately, I don’t have it.”

“Can you tell me how to get there?”

“Yes, listen up; take the tram leaving from Piraeus that runs along the coast to Glyfada. It runs right by the hotel. The stop is near the hotel. Wait — it’s on Metaxa Street, the second or third stop after the shops. Yes, that’s where it is! Can you remember all that?”

“Certainly. I’ll find the place. How do you want to meet?”

“I could call once I have the room number. Is that okay?”

“Yes, that’s fine! I’ll be in the vicinity of the hotel.”

“That’s perfect because I won’t have much time. As soon as we’re done I have to get back to the office.”

“Okay, Adonis, I’m looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!”

“Yes, I’m already excited! See you tomorrow, Anika. Oh, and please wear something short again, a dress or a skirt. Mini’s looks great on you, you foxy lady!”

“No problem!”

“Bye, Anika!”

“Bye, Adonis!”

Fantastic! I already have an appointment for tomorrow. Although Adonis can only pay 80, I’m glad he called again. Shortly thereafter, I hear my phone beeping, announcing an incoming text. It reads:

Hi. Can I have more information?

I text back:

Please call for information.

It beeps again:

I’m still at the office. Can’t talk here.

I answer:

Then call me later.

He writes:


I’ve told myself to stop giving out information via text messages. I need to hear the voice of the interested party. At least then, I can evaluate who I am dealing with. Any child could send a text to have a little fun with me. Plus, texting back and forth is annoying. I save the Greek cell phone number under ‘Text inquiry’. I will see if he actually calls back after office hours.

The lights in the Plaka have now come on, making this idyllic place even more magical. I feel like I am on vacation. Strolling through the shops, I find one with a wide assortment of bags. As I take my time browsing, I also see a few laptop bags. Some are rigid, made of a light material. Each has a removable padded case inside, presumably to protect a laptop. With such a lightweight laptop bag, I could try taking my dominatrix equipment with me again during the day. Considering the colors of my summer clothes, I decided on the silver bag. It does not stand out too much and it goes with everything I can think of. Once I pay for it, I stick my good high heels, my Bunte magazine, and the carefully folded together sun hat inside. Since I have had enough of the hustle and bustle of the Plaka for one day, I leave the old city and catch a ride to the coast, midway to home, to spend time there.

to be continued

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