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The next morning, as I busily sort my lingerie, someone knocks on my door. It is Sophie the maid with my laundry bag.

“Here you go, Kiria Ilona, your laundered clothes. They just dropped them off. It comes to 32 euros.”

“Oh! — Thank you, Sophie!”

I relieve her of my bag and say:

“Come on in and I’ll get you the money.”

With conspicuous curiosity, she looks around my room. I regret inviting her in. There is certainly an undergarment flying around that I do not want her to see. I quickly grab my wallet and take out the money. For bringing up the bag, I give her a two-euro tip, hoping she takes that as a sign to leave, but I am mistaken. She remains rooted in place. So I say:

“Thank you, Sophie. Have a nice day!”

Hesitantly, she thanks me and departs. Shutting the door behind her, I wonder if I tipped her enough. Why else would she just stand there? Turning my attention back to my lingerie, I search for something suitable to carry in the handbag on a daily basis instead schlepping my elaborate dominatrix outfit in a second bag. That way, if I receive a short-notice request for domination, I have something appropriate to wear. Granted, my new silver laptop bag is much lighter than my old black one, but it does not change the fact that it is still cumbersome carrying two bags for any period of time. I think it is easier to carry one heavy bag than two light ones. Between my sexy underwear, I see a full-length bodysuit made of large mesh. Rolled together, it does not take any more space than a regular bra and panty set. That is it! Together with my shiny black vinyl cat mask, it will make me look mysterious and irresistibly sexy. Thinking of a suitable punishment device to go with the outfit, I look around and notice the bullwhip and handcuffs I had hung over the back of my desk chair. To make matters worse, I also see three dildos of various sizes and colors that I left on my desk in plain view. Sophie must have seen everything and froze. Crap! What must she think? I hope she does not mention this to Spiros — then again, she might be the type. The idea of them making fun of me behind my back about my sexual tastes does not sit well with me. Oh well, what is done is done.

Once calm again, I continue packing my handbag. Since the bullwhip is rather flexible, I roll it up and place it in the handbag that I will take today. Next, I place the full-length large mesh bodysuit that is now in a clear plastic bag on top and then the folded cat mask. Today, I have decided to wear my rhinestone-studded, acid-green lingerie set that looks fresh and bewitching against my tanned skin. I also pack a black lace bra and panty set with two strings of pearls. This one is for when I meet Adonis. And, in reserve, I pack my new red body mesh suit with vinyl trim. Since all sets are individually bundled in clear plastic bags, nothing will get mixed up. My handbag is now heavier than it was yesterday, but at least everything I need is in one bag, even for a game of domination should the need arise.

All my other domination items and specialty clothing I place neatly and easily accessible on a shelf in the wardrobe. I have amassed a small collection. A few years ago, I started buying my own sex toys for work. I no longer wanted to use the ones at the club since other women working there used them too. And even if condoms were rolled over the toys and were properly cleaned and sanitized after use, I did not want to stick a dildo in my pussy that was used by others. Some items I bought for myself. I enjoy pleasuring myself with sex toys. Obviously, I do not use my favorites for work. I keep work and private life separate.

As I continue rummaging through my drawer of lingerie, I discover a short, oh-so sexy black mesh dress. It is light and goes nicely with black strapless stockings. After placing both items in a clear plastic bag, I write on a piece of paper ‘Mesh dress/stockings’ and lay it on top of the lingerie for easy identification. I do that with all the combinations I create, which keeps me busy for a while.

I received two phone calls this morning. The first man did not like my rate; the other introduced himself as Paul from Glyfada who immediately wanted to make an appointment for Friday but could not decide on the time. So, I have to be patient…

At 2:00 p.m., I am meeting Adonis in Glyfada. Once again, I am faced with the difficult decision — what to wear? After brief contemplation, I choose a denim mini skirt, a red and white-striped top with spaghetti straps, red high heels, and nautical fashion jewelry with big gold hoop earrings. All of this complements my ponytail hair-extension. I am going to look ravishing and sexy for the man with the briefcase full of toys! While laying out these items, my phone rings. Checking the display, I see it is a Greek cell phone number.


“Good afternoon, this is Bruce. I’m calling from Vouliagmeni. Do you make home visits in this area or is it too far away?”

Although I think Vouliagmeni is farther south than Glyfada, at the moment, I am almost willing to travel any distance.

“Hi, Bruce, I’m Anika. Yes, I’ll come to Vouliagmeni. Would you like more information?”

“Yes, that would be nice, Anika!”

Once I finish telling Bruce the usual, he says:

“That sounds good, Anika. Can you be at my place today later this afternoon? Do you have time?”

“Yes, that works. What time exactly?”

“Six o’clock would be best.”

“Okay, Bruce, but I need your full name, address, and landline number. Could you text that to me?”

“Of course, I’ll do it right now!”

Yippee! I have an appointment! I am ecstatic! Once I receive Bruce’s text, I am going look up his address on Google maps. He sounded British, I think. Damn, I forgot to ask his nationality. After enjoying another cup of coffee, I straighten up my room. Right now, it looks as if a bomb went off. Bagged and loose pieces of underwear are strewn about. Handbags are piled on top of the shoe cabinet while my shoes lay haphazardly under the bed. When I finally finish tidying up, I open my laptop and go online. I receive a short email from my friend Lisa in Germany. She wants to know how I am doing and hopes to hear from me. Other friends that I used to hang out with also want to know how I am doing… Quickly, I write a short email in response:

‘Dear Lisa, Thanks for your email. I took a job waitressing in a bar and currently live in an apartment I share with two other women. So, I am doing okay – I will send more details when I am not pressed for time. Promise! Right now, I have too much to do. Greetings to all! Kisses, Ilona’.

Although I feel guilty about lying and being abrupt, for the life of me I cannot invent anything else at the moment. I must create a new and believable story for my friends and family that will serve me in the long run… Once I hit send, I Google escort services and check out the women’s profiles. Most show their face. I certainly would not, but not because of my age. My concern would be that someone from my private life might recognize me. That would be devastating! When I arrive at a website I like, I pull up the ‘Greece’ page. It lists around twenty ads. Half of them are escort agencies. The rest are ads placed by private individuals. I bookmark the site. Maybe one day I will place an ad on the Internet, who knows? For the time being, I will wait to see how my ad in the Athens World performs. Since I am new in town, I would think in the beginning, I would receive lots of calls. My announcement should stick out to all regular readers of the weekly escort column. Perhaps the men, who on occasion engage the services of prostitutes, would call out of sheer curiosity. At least that is what I am hoping.

I shut down my laptop and go out onto the balcony. On my cell phone, I search for the address Bruce texted me shortly after our conversation and store his number in my client address book under ‘Bruce – Vouliagmeni’. Having completed my chores, I lean back and close my eyes. I am now accustomed to the street noise and it no longer bothers me. I barely perceive the incessant honking. I would say I have become acclimated to living and working in Athens. At the moment, I do not have to worry about anything. My finances are in order and I have the feeling things will only get better. Even though I give a client a more affordable rate than I deem ideal, I still earn more than I did in Germany. My phone rings again.


“Hi! I got your number out of Athens World. Do you have big tits?”

“Hi, I’m Anika. And no, I don’t have big tits.”

“Oh, that’s too bad. What do you look like?”

“I’m a blue-eyed blonde with a slim figure. My cup size is 34B.”

“Oh, a blonde and you sound nice too. However, I’m looking for a woman with big tits.”

“I understand, but I don’t have those! Sorry, baby. Anyway, thanks for your call!”

“Yeah, no problem. Bye!”

It is time for me to go to the bathroom to get ready for work. As I dress, I think about my second appointment in a private residence. It would be inappropriate to show up in a mini skirt. Then again, it is summer and most tourists wear light clothes as I do. Even at the Hilton, I would hardly stand out dressed in a mini skirt. And, Bruce never expressly asked me to dress discreetly… Perhaps there is room in my handbag for my red knee-length pencil skirt. After brief consideration, I roll it up and try stuffing it into my bag. It is no use, I am afraid the seams might burst. I hang the garment back up and decide to run around in my denim mini skirt.

The tram runs alongside the beach promenade from Phaleron to Kalamaki and onto Alimos, then it runs by the old airport and finally to Glyfada. That is where the tram leaves the coast and runs parallel to Metaxa Street. As instructed, I get off after the commercial area at the second stop. Now I am in a residential neighborhood with huge mansions and apartment buildings surrounded by narrow gardens. The gardens do not look all that invitingly. I guess their main function is to provide a privacy barrier to the neighboring houses. I do not walk far before noticing the neon sign of the Lenny Blue Hotel. Looking at my watch, I see it is only 12:30 p.m. Since I still have plenty of time, I decide to return to Metaxa Street to check out the stores.

Seeing a branch of my favorite clothing store I frequented in Germany, I go inside and examine their latest collection. Among the summer clothes, I find an agreeably priced stylish dress and try it on. It is a sleeveless, knee-length, red and white horizontally striped, figure-accentuating dress made of elastic material that greatly emphasizes my figure. It will complement my red shoulder bag, sun hat, and shoes nicely. Thinking about how well I did over the last few days, I decide to treat myself and buy the dress. However, to justify spending money on myself, I regard it as a business investment.

While in the changing room, I consider putting on the lingerie for my appointment with Adonis. That way I will not have to change at the hotel. Slipping out of my red bra, I switch to the black delicate lace one with a tiny pearl heart dangling between the cups. I arrange my breasts in the soft see-through lace of the underwire bra so my nipples point upward and my cleavage is nice and plump. Quite inviting! Donning the matching pair of panties, the two strings of beads cut deep into my crotch. Glancing at my watch, I see there is still more than 30 minutes until my appointment at the hotel that is a mere 500 meters away. Walking such a distance with the stringed beads between my legs might be uncomfortable or even painful. Therefore, I decide to wear my regular tanga. I place the bead panties in the side pouch with my phone so I can quickly exchange them once I am in the hotel elevator.

Fully dressed again, I drape my new find over one arm, pick up my handbag, and stand in line at the cash register. Once I have paid, I am again carrying two items: my handbag and a mundane plastic bag containing my newest acquisition.

to be continued

Sunshine, Sex & Easy Money: Diary of a Call Girl, Maria van Daarten

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