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28 Mar 2021 15:03:00

Dedicated to Violet

>>> Copyright notice from the author: All rights reserved. © / Copyright: 2017 Maria van Daarten. No part of this book may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means without the prior written permission of the author. Only CO “Legalife-Ukraine” has permission. – Translated from German to English by <<<


Taking off the beaded panties, I pick up the used condom from the ground, toss it in the trash, and jump in the shower. There have been no calls during the time I was busy working. Since I can use the room for almost another two hours, I stay for a while in the air-conditioned environment before facing the terrible heat outside. My next appointment with Bruce is at 6:00 p.m. Since I was mistaken and Vouliagmeni is not that far away from Glyfada like I assumed, there is absolutely no reason to rush. I do not have to depart before 5:30 p.m. to make it to Bruce’s in time.

Freshly showered, I wrap one of the big towels around me and sit down on the bed. Turning on the TV, I find a porn flick. Switching channels shows me another adult movie. The next one is a Greek TV station and of no use to me since I do not understand a word. I quickly click through the channels in the hopes of discovering an English-speaking program. But my search is in vain. At one point, I arrive at another station showing a pornographic film, which makes sense since this is an hourly hotel. Since it is in English, I watch for a bit. Thinking about Violet, I dial her number. She answers relatively quickly.


“Hi, darling, it’s Anika. How are you?”

“Oh, Anika! I’m great. I’ve been busy today. One of my regulars, Ilias, was already here this morning. He always wants to shower afterward, which drives me nuts! I mean, why would he? He gets undressed and directly pushes up the nightgown I wear especially for him. Then he fucks me from on top and from behind. That usually does it for him and he squirts into the rubber. So, why does he need to shower afterward? — I don’t see why he can’t do what my other customers do and take some wet wipes to clean his Johnson. I always keep a box of wet wipes on the nightstand and a roll of plain paper towels. — Yet Ilias always insists on taking a shower. And he always takes his time! I swear, I don’t get him! I always have to clean and dry the shower stall and put out a new bath mat. — Well, he does pay me 150 euros. And I’ve known him for seven or eight years. I guess I shouldn’t complain. Still, it gets to me! Then I had a visit from Ioannis this afternoon. He didn’t require a shower after sex. I handed him the wipes and that was that! Easy-peasy, as it always is with him. I start him off with a blowjob, then he pushes my bosom together and titty fucks me. Eventually, he comes and that is that. All in all, he’s in and out of my place within 40 minutes and gives me 150. Anyway, how are you? Is business good?”

I tell Violet about my two recent clients. Violet cracks up when I share the payment mix up incident with Dimitri.

“Sorry, darling, but that’s too funny. I have no problem imagining what that must have looked like. When I started here, I also couldn’t speak Greek and I was often misunderstood, but something like what you experienced never happened to me! You really should learn more Greek. At least a bit so you can state your rate in Greek. That way, if a man can’t speak English well, it won’t occur again. I thought you knew Greek numbers! Next time, ask if he understood you. Make sure he confirms it! — Oh, darling, I’m sorry it happened to you, but just look at it from this perspective; he had a good time with you and I’m sure he’ll call again. In our profession, cheap customers also bring in a good amount of dough. Think about it, back when I was paid in drachmas, what was I supposed to do with it? Exchange it into pounds? Or dollars? What for? The drachma wasn’t worth anything. So I kept the money for living expenses and put the rest in my bank account. Nowadays, we’re lucky to be paid in euros! And 70 euros is good money, even in a foreign country. — Sorry, darling, I hear my other phone ringing! I have to answer. Call me again, yes! Gotta go, talk to you later!”

“Okay, until later, Violet!”

Putting my phone away, I turn the TV back on and resume my search for an English-speaking program. Again, unsuccessful. Should I stay in this hotel room the entire time? No, I am already bored. Regardless of the heat outside, I would rather kill time strolling down Metaxa Street. I could follow it all the way to the coast and grab a bite to eat somewhere before heading to Vouliagmeni to see Bruce. Yes, that sounds better than staying here bored out of my mind.

Consequently, I dress and leave the hotel. Walking along Metaxa Street, I pass a couple shoe stores. The temptation to spend money surfaces. Yes, I know, women and shoes! I am definitely a collector of these fashionable treasures. If I decide to stay in Athens, I will return in September to Germany to retrieve my collection of treasures that I have amassed so far. In one store, I try on a pair of light-blue, silvery glittering high-heels and take them for a spin. I really have to restrain myself. Nevertheless, I stay resolute and return the little treasures back to the shelf. Before walking away, I throw one more longing look because I cannot stop thinking about what an elegant touch they would lend to a simple denim skirt.

There will come the day where I can afford such lovely treasures without my conscience berating me. Out on the street, I pass a Greek fast food chain I like and this time, give into temptation! They make great pizza with olives and feta cheese. I order a slice and attack it ravenously. Delicious! My phone rings, so I quickly force the bite of pizza down my throat and answer it.


“Yes, hello! I’m Arnold. Do you come to hotels? I have a room at the Metropolitan Hotel.”

Arnold speaks German. Fantastic!

“Hi, Arnold, I’m Anika. And yes, I visit hotels. Would you like to hear a little about me?”

“Yes, please!”

Once I have passed along my age, looks, and hourly rate, he says:

“Hey! Everything sounds fine. Is it possible to visit me this evening? Any chance you can come to my room at 9:00 p.m.?”

“Yes, that works for me.”

“Great, then I would like to book you now! And please make sure nobody sees you knocking on my door. I’m on a business trip with some colleagues and they are staying on the same floor.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll be discreet. Tell me your last name and your room number. That way I can call you shortly before I leave for the hotel.”

“Yes, of course. My name is Arnold Bauer. I’m in room 351 at the Metropolitan Hotel.”

I note everything, say goodbye to Arnold, and return the phone to my pocket. Yippee! Another appointment! The Metropolitan Hotel is on Syngrou Avenue. A taxi ride from Vouliagmeni to the hotel would get me there within 30 minutes. Happy and hungry, I wolf down the rest of the pizza slice. After paying my bill, I leave the restaurant and walk across the street to the sea.

Walking up to a café with a nice shaded patio, I grab a seat at an empty table and kill some time checking out the latest news on my phone. At 5:30 p.m., I call Bruce. He answers and tells me to call him back once I arrive at his home because the doorbell crapped out, so he will meet me at the garden gate. I ask:

“Is it all right if I show up in a mini skirt or should I wear something more conservative?”

“A mini skirt is fine. I don’t care what my neighbors think if they see you.”

“All right, Bruce, see you soon!”

“Okay, until then, Anika!”

to be continued

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