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16 Apr 2021 16:04:00

Dedicated to Violet

>>> Copyright notice from the author: All rights reserved. © / Copyright: 2017 Maria van Daarten. No part of this book may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means without the prior written permission of the author. Only CO “Legalife-Ukraine” has permission. – Translated from German to English by <<<


The next morning, I wake up to another glorious, sunny, hot day. I really enjoy not worrying about the weather. Every day seems like summer. It is rare for it to start raining unexpectedly or suddenly get cold. Back in Germany, I started each day watching the weather forecast to get an idea on how to dress. Here in Athens, I eat breakfast on the small table outside on my balcony while enjoying the morning heat, the gentle breeze coming from the sea, my breathtaking views of the Zea Marina with its many sailing boats, the view of the Saronic Gulf, and even further off in the distance, the dark silhouette of the island of Aegina. From the Port of Piraeus, ferries run daily between the southern outlying islands of Athens. At the latest, after one month of non-stop work, I will allow myself a day off and take a day trip to Aegina.

Once breakfast is finished, I sit down at my makeshift desk, boot up my laptop, and open the file I use to keep track of work. I enter the weekday and date that I saw a customer, together with his name, telephone number, character, preferences, the amount paid, and, depending on whether I met him in a hotel or at home, I also note the hotel name or home address. This gives me a clear overview of my clientele and earnings. I walk to the closet that also contains a safe, remove the envelope with all the cash I have earned so far here in Athens, and add yesterday’s earnings. I double check the total by recounting all the cash, check off the old amount, and write down the new sum on the envelope. Then I place the money back inside and lock it away in the safe. I love this ritual!

Since I only have one confirmed appointment today at 6:00 p.m. in Glyfada, I want to go to the tanning studio in a bit. If I do not receive more calls, I will spend the afternoon relaxing in my hotel room. As I enjoy one final cup of coffee on the balcony while looking at last night’s photos and perusing my favorite online newspaper, my phone rings. It is an unknown number.



“Yes, who’s this?”

“It’s Richard. Can you come see me?”

Richard masked his number when he called. Great, he is ruining my plan for a quiet day in my hotel room. Unfortunately, I cannot afford to turn him down, even if he only pays 70. I reply:

“Of course, baby, I can do that. So, how are you?”

“I’m well, Anika, thanks for asking. When can you come?”

Since it is 11:30 a.m., I believe I can still treat myself to a visit to the tanning studio before seeing him. Taking my subway commute to Syntagma Square into consideration, I answer:

“Richard, darling, I can be at your place at 1:30 p.m. Does that work for you?”

“1:30 p.m.? Yes, that’s fine. Meet me at the Rio Café. It’s on Nikis Street, right around the corner from my home, okay?”

“Okay, Richard, I’ll see you there. Until then, bye!”

“Bye, Anika, my sexy!”

I have to smile. I find it cute being called my sexy by this uncouth, clumsy, former Canadian boxing champion in his soft voice. Now I have to focus on getting ready. Do I want to return to my hotel room after my appointment with Richard or do I want to loiter in the city center and go directly from there to Glyfada to see Vangelis, the former captain? I decide on the latter. After my session with Vangelis at the Congo Palace, I will probably go back to Athens’ city center so I will not have far to travel to see Nikos at the Wicky Inn hotel at 9:00 p.m. or so. Okay, I need to figure out what to wear. Without considering the weather, I think about my clients and the hotels I am going to visit. For Richard, it does not matter what I wear. Regrettably, I cannot dress slutty and enter the Congo Palace Hotel. And Nikos likes me dressed sexily. Therefore, I opt for my new red and white striped dress that I wore yesterday evening to the Metropolitan Hotel. It is sexy, but not to the point where I would attract attention. In the event I receive an earlier appointment unexpectedly, I have already readied myself first thing this morning. Meaning, I have shaved, showered, washed and styled my hair, moisturized my body from head to toe, and completed my makeup. Scrutinizing my nails, I can tell Maria did a great job. I might not have to see her until Saturday and then, probably only for a manicure. In the interim, I put on a red lingerie set. For my visit with Nikos, I pack another red set with two matching panties, one is crotchless. For my appointment with Vangelis, I am going with my white lace bustier set and matching white strapless stockings.

Selecting and packing all my work clothes took longer than expected. A glance at the clock and I immediately feel pressed for time. Telling myself Richard will wait if I am a few minutes late helps calm me down! If I run too late, he certainly will call. I will simply tell him I am on the way and everything will be fine. So, Ilona, do not panic! Thankfully, the tanning studio has one bed available. Next time, I must call for an appointment that way I will not feel uncertain and I will get the tanning bed I prefer. — Lying under the hot lights completely relaxes me. The intensive vitamin D bath gradually replaces the hurried feeling with an overall sense of well-being. I have worked up a sweat during my 12 minutes of tanning, so I use the provided towel to dry off, followed by deodorant wipes. Once I make Richard happy, I am going to take a shower at his place.

Emerging from the subway at Syntagma Square, I see I drove myself nuts for no reason. It is only 1:10 p.m. I am actually too early. When I find the café where I am supposed to meet Richard, he is already waiting at the counter with a Greek coffee and talking to the waitress. I guess I will join him!

“Hi, Anika, my love!” He greets me and gives me a peck on my cheek. “You look fabulous!”

The waitress does not hide her curious look. I immediately feel uncomfortable again, wishing we had not met here. Who knows what Richard told her about me? I need to calm down. It is not like he would tell her I am a prostitute he is about to bang in his apartment.

“Richard, darling.” I greet him and remove my sun hat. As I sit on the bar stool next to him he asks me what I want to drink, but I tell him I would like to order myself. At some point, I must start speaking Greek, so why not now. The waitress has no problem understanding my order: a light Nescafé with plenty of milk. Richard is impressed, even the waitress praises my Greek. Although I know they are exaggerating, it is also encouraging. Richard continues chatting in Greek with the waitress. The few words I pick up as well as his gestures, I surmise he is raving about me. She also seems to think I am pretty. Oh well, the usual small talk. Ignoring their conversation, I drink my coffee. I hope Richard finishes soon so we can go to his place. When I see he has drunk two-thirds of his coffee, I know it is time to leave. Greeks never empty their glasses completely like Germans do. I quickly down the last sip of my Nescafé and hop off the stool.

“Shall we?” I smile at Richard. He pays and we leave for his home.

“Anika, why don’t we grab a bite to eat? I’m hungry.”

“Richard, you know I’m not here to have lunch with you. Let’s go to your place!”

“Yes, I know, Anika. But we could still go out to eat afterward. My treat, okay? I know a nice restaurant I’d like to show you.”

“We’ll see, Richard. Right now, I’m not committing myself. Let’s go. I’m hot for you and I really need you to give it to me. Okay, baby?”

“Okay, Anika. I’m also hot for you!”

Once in his penthouse, the first thing I do is go out on the large roof terrace and look around. Richard follows and stands behind me as I lean against the railing to look down over Syntagma Square. Moving my hips, my butt chafes against his pants. As soon as I feel the swelling of his cock, I turn around and say:

“I think we better go inside. Out here, people staying at Grand Bretagne Hotel can see us.”

The thought obviously amuses Richard for he laughingly replies:

“So what? It beats looking at the parliament building!”

Naturally, he follows me inside. Taking off all my clothing apart from my shoes, I stand in front of him completely naked. It will not be a great feat getting him to climax. This is my third time with him and I feel completely at ease for I know exactly how to work him. Richard stands in front of me, seemingly indecisive. I give him time to get a good look at me. Since he is still not moving, I step toward him and rub my body against his clothes.

“Take off your clothes!” I quietly urge him. He unbuttons his short-sleeved shirt but does not take it off. Next, he undoes his pants and awkwardly removes them over his shoes while trying to maintain his balance. Now the former champ stands before me in only his underwear, shoes, and unbuttoned shirt, and he is still clueless what to do next. I decide it is time to put him out of his misery. I pull his undies down and indicate he needs to take them off completely. Once again, he keeps his shoes on. I open the wrapper of a condom and roll it onto his erection. I kneel, take it into my mouth, and Richard groans aloud. Wanting him to sit, I guide him to the desk chair and gently push him into it. Still kneeling in front of him, I continue sucking the champ’s champion. He is enjoying it immensely, so I think why not just blow him. Let me see if he will come as quickly and without a fuss as when I fuck him. Sucking him vigorously, Richard groans again with his head thrown back and his big paws almost tenderly cradling the back of my head. It is amazing how gentle this brute of a man is! I feel his cock pulsating and a second later, he comes in the condom. This worked out great and it took less than five minutes. Just the way I like it! Releasing his cock and bracing myself with my lower arms on his thighs, I look at him and say:

“Darling, are you still hungry?”

“Yes, Anika. Will you join me? The restaurant is not far from here. It’s Greek cuisine.”

“Okay, but just this once, you hear? However, if I get a call from another customer, I’ll leave immediately. You understand that, right?”

“Of course, Anika! Today, you are making an exception and if someone calls, you have to go, no problem.”

“Great! Okay then, let me clean up. Can I grab one of your fresh towels? I’d like to take a quick shower.”

“Sure. You know where the towels are?”

“Yes, thanks!”

I wash thoroughly and dress. When I return, I pick up my handbag and Richard pulls his wallet from his back pocket and hands me 70 euros. I thank him with a peck on a cheek and pocket the money. We leave his place and walk a couple hundred meters around the block to the restaurant. As we enter, the bartender chummily greets Richard. They speak Greek so fast that I do not get the gist of the conversation. Then Richard turns toward me, places an arm protectively around my shoulder, and continues in English:

“…and this is Anika, my German friend!”

“Pleasure to meet you!” the bartender says. He slightly inclines his head and smiles at me in an almost creepy way.

“Richard has been talking about you a lot. It’s nice to finally meet you.”

I do not believe it. He has been talking about me to this bartender. Is he for real? Richard does not notice my mood change and beams at me. Next, he lets go of my now stiff shoulder and gestures to a table by the window.

“This is where I always have lunch. Have a seat, Anika!”

Is Richard of sound mind? Perhaps all the blows to his head caused some damage after all. Now I know why he was so insistent I come to dinner with him, — he wanted to show off his trophy. If I continue meeting him in public places, it will not take long before the people living around Syntagma Square will know all about me. I cannot let that happen! I have to sit down with him and set him straight. And, I have to know what he has been saying about me. Breathing deeply and evenly, I calm myself. I wait for the bartender to take our orders and bring our drinks. After we clink glasses and toast, I lean over the table and quietly ask:

“Richard! What have you been telling people about me?”

“Only that you’re my German friend and that we go out together.”

“I hope you didn’t tell them about our actual arrangement?”

“No! But if they think we’re sleeping together that’s fine with me!”

Amused, Richard laughs.

“It’s what men and women do.”

He is so naive! I cannot believe he is bragging about me being his girlfriend and letting people think we are in a relationship.

“Richard, darling! People will start talking about me. That is something I really don’t want! You can’t tell everyone about our arrangement. You have to be discreet!”

“Anika! There is no reason to worry! Everyone knows me here. I’ve been living here since I gave up my boxing career and my mother is married to a Greek. We’re a big family that owns lots of property in the city center. Everyone knows me. People have to talk about something. You’re so pretty no one will say anything bad about you. So, please, don’t worry!”

“No, Richard, it is you who doesn’t understand! You know I’m a prostitute. What I do is illegal in Greece, at least the way I go about it. I’m breaking the law. So, having said this, I only want my clients to know and nobody else, otherwise, I could get in serious trouble!”

“Don’t worry, Anika, I don’t tell anyone you’re a prostitute. All I say is you’re my girlfriend from Germany. Everyone envies me. Please let me enjoy it.”

I see I am not making any headway with him. Richard has no idea how people run their mouths. They are going to see through his story and figure out I am not his German girlfriend who sees him out of sheer sympathy. They will think he has a crush on his prostitute. If he is so well known around Syntagma Square, I am sure the people he confided in will eventually notice when his German girlfriend disappears for an hour into a hotel every now and then. And, as everyone knows, people like to gossip, even hotel staff and police officers. Considering my line of work, I certainly want to avoid drawing any attention! From now on, I am going to refuse to meet Richard in a public place and this will the first and last time I accompany him to a diner. I will only meet him in the building’s foyer or, better yet, go directly to his apartment. It is best if the people he told do not see us together anymore so they forget about me.

The food is served. Richard ordered stifado, beef covered with some kind of tomato and onion sauce. I am dining on grilled vegetables, slices of zucchini and eggplant fresh out of the oven. It is oily and filling, so I only manage to eat half. We are enjoying an excellent white wine with our meal. As other guests enter the restaurant and take a seat a few tables over, I happily note they are tourists and not one of Richard’s Greek neighbors. After finishing our meal, Richard lights up a cigar. I find it incredible that some restaurants in Athens still allow smoking. I mean, nowadays it is illegal in Europe and Greece is part of it. Granted, there are no ashtrays on the tables, but as the bartender clears our dishes, he returns with an ashtray. Richard is in a talkative mood and tells me about his time as a boxer in Canada. Furtively, I look at my watch. It is almost 3:00 p.m. As soon as Richard is done smoking, I want to leave and get on my way. Regrettably, the waiter comes and serves us dessert, which he says is on the house. Richard quickly clues me in and tells me it is common for a traditional Greek restaurant to either provide a shot of booze or a small dessert free of charge. Our desserts are bowls of Greek yogurt with a halved pear and a generous dollop of some sweet sauce. I am a bit leery since this local dessert is unfamiliar to me. I try a little spoonful. Surprisingly, it is quite delicious and I cannot stop raving about it. Richard is obviously pleased that I am praising this typical Greek dessert and offers me his bowl. Unable to resist, I take him up on his offer and finish his bowl.

to be continued

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