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23 Apr 2021 16:04:00

Dedicated to Violet

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An hour later on the tram heading toward Glyfada, my phone starts buzzing. It is a text from Nikos. He wants to meet tonight at 9:30 p.m. at the Wicky Inn Hotel. I send a reply back confirming our appointment. As I am about to place my phone back in my handbag, I see I have missed three calls. All three are from the same Greek cell phone number. Crap! I forgot to turn the ringer back on after my session with Richard. I am upset at my mistake. I really have to pay more attention and keep it together. Who knows, am I now to blame for letting an appointment slip through my fingers? Considering this caller tried to reach me three times, I am sure he went to another working girl. Men usually call when they are horny. Meaning, they want sex right then and there. The majority of men are not like Vangelis, who plans for a sexual interlude. I am still waiting for him to call about the meeting later in Glyfada. Then again, his is a different situation because he lives on an island. Perhaps there are no prostitutes, so he wanted to make sure a woman to his liking would come to see him when he is in town. At least it is the way I explain it to myself after one week of being a self-employed call girl.

Since it will not do any good to continue chastising myself, I relax by telling myself not to panic! Looking at the missed calls again, I see I received them around 2:40 p.m. That was when Richard and I were in the restaurant. So there, Ilona, you were with a client, give it a rest!

As I get much better reception traveling on a tram compared to the subway, I dial Violet’s number. She immediately picks up with a cheerful:

“Hello, darling!”

“Hi, Violet! How are you?”

“Oh, I’m okay! Actually, I’m great! I’ve already had two customers today. First, Christos. No, not the Christos who only pays 60! This is a different guy, but he’s also fast and likes it when I moan the entire time and call out his name,” she says laughing like a teenager. “And he pays me 150 euros. Then, I received a call from Boris and had to get ready to meet him at the 6 X Hotel in Glyfada. I took a taxi because he didn’t have much time and it was short notice. He took me in his arms as soon as I stepped into the room. Already showered, he stood there naked and took my clothes off lickety-split. He threw me on the bed and fucked me. Five minutes later, it was over. He even apologized for being so fast. — Like I mind when he doesn’t take long! — He told me he had to get to the airport to catch a flight to Zurich but he was so horny he first had to see me. He had already laid out my fee on the nightstand before he went to take a shower. A 100-euro bill and three 20s. Obviously, I held them up when he came back out of the bathroom and said: ‘Darling, this is 160! This is too much. Don’t you have a 50?’ — ‘No. Keep it. Anything for you, my lovely!’ he told me. Then he kissed me goodbye and said: ‘I’ll call you in three weeks when I’m back in Athens and have more time.’ — I always enjoy getting a tip! I mean, it represents a customer’s satisfaction, right? — So, how are you doing? How’s business?”

I tell Violet about yesterday’s performance as Bruce’s young schoolgirl, which makes her laugh.

“I could never do that! Don’t you have to laugh when a customer requests such a crazy scenario?”

“No, I don’t have a problem playing it cool and staying focused on my role. Naturally, it helps when I’m dressed accordingly. — I mean I couldn’t play a schoolgirl if I was wearing a nurse uniform.”

Violet is still cracking up. She is in such an incredibly good mood that she perks me up too. I am glad I called. I ask if she knows any of my customers. But she has never heard of Bruce the realtor and part-time violinist, nor does she know Nikos, the anal sex fanatic.

“Darling, I don’t do anal. At least not anymore! That was in the early days when it was included in the regular rate. Greek customers always stated that it’s a Greek thing and that I, after all, am in their country! — They made it a principle not to pay one Drachma more for that service! The way they acted was like they invented anal sex. Simply incredible! And almost all Greek men are into it. It was always painful for me and after a few years, I said no more. And considering the way I live, I can easily survive without providing anal sex! I don’t care that most women advertising in Athens World offer it at no additional charge. I mean, some even state includes A-level, which is only because we’re in Greece! — Don’t be surprised when a Greek complains about having to pay an extra 50 for anal. We’re not in Germany or England! We simply have to adapt to our surroundings if we want to stay in business. — I’m sorry, darling, but that’s the way it is! — You might want to think about eliminating such service to Greek men. They won’t pay a dime more for it anyway. Offer it to foreigners, they’re different, they appreciate such service and pay appropriately.”

“I never looked at it that way, thanks for telling me. — So, Greeks are into anal, the French, oral. — How come I didn’t see it?”

“That’s because you have lots of other things to think about. I remember how it was when I started on my own. One is so intent on getting everything right and so ambitious to get as many customers as possible that one or another thing is overlooked. Don’t sweat it! At least now you know. — Anyway, I really have to show you my place, darling! My apartment is only two kilometers from the 6 X Hotel. Sometimes I walk there. Only when pressed for time or during winter when it’s cold and raining do I take a cab.”

“Tell me, Violet, is the 6 X Hotel near the Lenny Blue Hotel?”

“Darling, it’s one in the same! The one you were at with Adonis. For years, it was called the 6 X Hotel, so the name stuck. I’ve never gotten used to its new name. Anyway, I don’t live all that far away. Maybe one day you’ll come for a visit. By the way, every Thursday there is a big market in Glyfada. I often go there on my bicycle. We could meet there and then go to my place later for a cup of coffee! What do you think? Sometimes, there’s a booth selling nice handbags and jewelry. Mainly, I go there for my weekly supply of fruits and vegetables. I guess you wouldn’t be interested since you don’t cook. Maybe we do it at a later time, once you have your own place. — In any case, the produce is fresh and reasonably priced. I might not cook every single day in summertime, but I at least have a salad almost every day. What do you usually eat, darling? Surely not fast food. You have to eat a good nutritious meal. That’s important at our age! Your metabolism changes as you get older. And smoking or too much alcohol, or whatever delicious sweet treats, all of that is not good for us. Greasy food is especially bad. It clogs arteries and goes directly to the hips! But you watch your diet, right?”

I use the brief pause to answer because if I wait too long she will simply continue talking without receiving an answer. Violet cannot help it; she has lots to say.

“Yes, I have the same problem. Nowadays, I can’t eat whatever I want. I really have to watch my figure, which I do. So, don’t worry about me! — And you’re wrong about the market, I am interested. What time do you usually go?”

“I usually get there by 10:00 a.m. Then I take my time browsing the entire market. Once I’ve seen all there is to see I do my fruit and vegetable shopping. I have two small baskets on my bicycle, one on the handlebars and one on the rack above the rear wheel. They usually hold all my groceries. Naturally, I have my phone on the entire time. Every morning at 9:00 a.m., I turn it on. That works for me. I don’t really care if I miss a nighttime or early-morning call. You know, I only work during the day and early evening. I don’t care for those late night work hours anymore, nor do I care for being woken up in the middle of the night or early morning. Shortly after midnight, when I go to bed, I turn my phone off. In the early days, I never turned it off! I was too afraid to miss even a single call. Kind of like you right now! I tell you, cell phones are a great invention. What would we do without them? Tell me, how would that work? How could we do our job? We’d have a landline for work and sit at home all day, waiting for it to ring. We wouldn’t be able to shop or stroll through town without missing calls! Or, when you’re at a hotel or someone’s home, we’d also be unreachable. Imagine, you couldn’t do your job while living in a hotel! — Or do you have some idea how that would work? I mean, I’m not that tech savvy when it comes to new technology, but I’m glad cell phones are around! I have so much more freedom since I bought one.”

That’s Violet, jumping from one subject to the next. But I leave it alone and simply say:

“Violet, tomorrow is Thursday! I wouldn’t mind coming to Glyfada to meet you at 10:00 a.m. at the market. I mean, if you want my company.”

“Of course, darling, that’s a great idea! Call me once you get there and we’ll arrange to meet somewhere. The market is near the town square. You know the one I’m talking about.”

I have another call coming in, so I say to Violet:

“Sorry, darling, someone’s calling, I have to hang up. — I’ll call you back! Bye, Violet!”

“Yes, no problem, Anika! Kisses, and take care! Bye, darling!”

I answer the other call.


“Hello, Anika. It’s Vangelis. I’m sorry to be calling this late! Are we still on for 6:00 p.m.?”

“Yes, of course, Vangelis! I’ll be there on time!”

“Great. I’m in room 21. And please remember not to draw any attention. Be discreet, Anika!”

“Yes, of course! Until later, Vangelis!”

“Yes, see you later, Anika. I look forward to seeing you!”

Grabbing my notebook from my handbag, I find the page where I wrote down the address of the Congo Palace Hotel, Vangelis’ cell phone number, and the time of the appointment. Now I add the room number. The tram runs along the coast and I know it will not be long before it arrives in Glyfada. As I look out the window at the sea, I think about going to the market tomorrow in Glyfada. I am looking forward to it, as well as seeing Violet. The tram makes a turn onto Metaxa Street and I get off at the next stop. Now I am near the Congo Palace Hotel. There is still a half an hour before my meeting with Vangelis, so I stroll through now familiar back streets of the shopping district.

to be continued

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