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Dedicated to Violet

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The Congo Palace Hotel is a multi-story building right in Glyfada on the coast. I hope the room Vangelis rented is not on the south side in direct sunlight. I walk through the lobby and one of the front desk staff watches me until I disappear into the elevator. Well, it does happen in small hotels such as this one. I quickly take off my sun hat and brush my hair while looking in the mirror inside the elevator. Perfect! I arrive on the second floor and walk along the corridor to door number 21. Inhaling deeply, I knock. Vangelis opens the door almost instantly. He is tall and slender with thick black-brown hair that is combed back. His dark eyes look friendly. He politely asks me inside. Thankfully, the lighting is in my favor. The windows are tinted and Vangelis has closed most of the drapes.

“Hello, Vangelis! Did you have a nice day?”

“Yes, Anika, thank you! I just arrived on the mainland. You know, I live on Paros, but every now and then, I have to come to the big city. That’s when I see my doctor, shop, and visit friends and relatives — just for a change of scenery. So, how are you, Anika?”

“I’m fine, thanks. Okay then, I’ll quickly disappear into the bathroom so I can get all sexy for you!”

“Sounds good! — Say, did someone notice you riding the elevator up to the second floor?”

“No, the lobby was empty and the clerk behind the front desk was busy on the phone. Don’t worry, no one noticed me!”

“That’s good because I’ve been coming here for years. Once in a while, I bring my wife along. I’m known here, so I don’t want people to get the wrong impression, if you know what I mean?”

“Yes, of course, Vangelis. Don’t worry!”

As soon as I am in the bathroom, I slip out of my dress and red underwear and put on my white lace bustier set. It is quite sexy with white strapless stockings. Even I am turned on as I regard myself in the mirror. After applying a touch of perfume, I retrace the outline of my lips and I am done. Upon exiting the bathroom, I find that Vangelis has closed all the drapes and is sitting on the bed bare ass naked. He is a quite hairy dark skinned man. Glancing at his flaccid cock resting between his thighs, I can tell it will grow considerably once it is hard.

“Should I start you off with a little massage?” I ask as I open my small toiletry bag, grab two extra-large condoms, and place them on the nightstand.

“I’d love it, if you’re up for it!”

That he has not complimented me on my appearance, especially standing there in front of him in my seductive lingerie, irritates me. Is white not his color? Would he have preferred me in black? Do not tell me he does not like my figure or thinks I am not pretty? — Although he looks me up and down, I do not hear anything like, hey, you look sexy or a simple wow! I am used to customers making some remark, but he simply stares at me without even saying so much as one word. Disappointed, I answer:

“Certainly. I’d love to give you a nice relaxing massage. — Please lie down on your stomach, darling.”

Vangelis turns around and rests his head on his folded arms. Then he says:

“Oh, Anika, please be quiet! I don’t want anyone to hear us. I have no idea how well this room is insulated.”

“Don’t worry, Vangelis, I’ll be quiet.”

Kneeling beside him, I start giving him a massage. I rub my hands in even circular motion over his hairy back all the way up to his shoulder blades, where I knead a bit harder. Vangelis utters not so much as a peep, no oh that’s good, no you’re great, Anika, he does not even grunt in delight. He simply lies quietly! Since I want to end the back massage, I quickly tie my hair together at the nape and move further down his body. I am about to move between his thighs. He does not resist and spreads his legs. With my tongue stretched out, I lick his perineal. Vangelis must not have anticipated it. He flinches. Slowly, I run my tongue over the area and up to his balls, which rest on the sheets, large and half-deflated. Although this position is quite uncomfortable for me, experience has taught me that men become turned on when licked like this from behind. Thankfully, Vangelis is not the exception. Now, for the first time, he actually moans in delight. I just love it! As a prostitute, I somehow not only became accustomed to being paid in cash but also with praise. — And, Vangelis’ moaning confirms I am doing a good job, which is important to me, otherwise I am miserable. Carefully, I move his balls aside and slide my head further down between his legs, licking the backside of his stiff member with my extended tongue. Once again, Vangelis moans aloud. That is it, baby! Tell me I am doing a great job. — Feeling his boner growing even more, I finish my prelude and say:

“Please flip over on your back, darling, I want to suck your cock!”

As Vangelis rolls onto his back, a huge, intimidating schlong confronts me. I immediately regret saying I want his cock in my mouth. Damn, I hope I can handle that monster. I am having a tough time putting on the extra-large condom. I might have a strong gag reflex, but my eyes tear up regardless. It seems Vangelis likes oral sex. He keeps pushing my head down so his cock goes deeper down my throat. I will not be able to bear this for long. There must be something else so this deep-throating, as it is commonly called, can come to an end. Then again, if he fucks me with that huge schlong I might also experience pain. I need a good alternative.

“Darling, the rubber is about to rip. I even put an extra-large on you. You’re just too damn big. — Would you mind if I take it off and lick your cock without protection? Without a condom though, I can’t take it all the way in my mouth.”

“That’s okay, Anika, I don’t mind. I like that too. I’m also perfectly healthy, so don’t worry. — So, you think my penis is large?”

As if he doesn’t know!

“Yes, I do. Your wife is lucky. It’s not often I see such a specimen.”

He does not realize I feel sorry for his wife! A big schlong like that might be fun to play with, but getting it shoved down your throat or being roughly fucked with it is an entirely different ballgame. Giving my mouth a break, I use only my tongue and slowly lick the tip of his cock. Vangelis props himself up and watches enthusiastically as I teasingly lick his cock and balls all over. Although he has placed his hand again on my head, this time he only plays with my hair. I find this extremely unpleasant! So, I reposition myself so he can play with my pussy, not my hair. I would rather have him grope it than my hair! Finally, he opens my slit and sticks a finger deep inside me.

“Do you like that, Anika?”

“Oh, yes.”

“Then you shall get more!” he replies and adds a second finger. He forcefully pushes them deep inside me, presumably the way he does with his cock. Needless to say, I pretend to enjoy it, moaning ecstatically every now and then. Nevertheless, I prefer him fucking me with two fingers than with his huge rod. Maybe with a massage and without a condom, I can get him to come. I prefer that over anything else.

“Darling, your cock is simply amazing! I can’t stop looking at it. — May I continue or do you want to fuck me?”

“No, go ahead and enjoy my cock! But, can you reach an orgasm by playing with it? — It would be nice if you also climaxed, Anika. Just tell me what you like! I also want you to get something out of this. It’s not only about satisfying me.”

Oh my goodness! I always find it utterly ridiculous when a customer asks me what he can do so I have an orgasm. Not to offend him, I answer:

“With you, I could come easily. Let me rub your big cock against my pussy and I will come. Then I want to watch your big cock to explode all over. I’d really like that!”

“Yes, Anika, come for me. I want to hear you scream! — But not too loudly, okay?”

“Don’t worry. I’m going to sit on you and then I’m giving your glorious boner a nice oil massage. — What do you say?”

“It sounds great. Go ahead. My cock is all yours! Do what you want to it, Anika!”

I remove my bustier and matching panties, drip a little oil in my hands, and sit on Vangelis’ thighs.

“Damn, you’re tits are fantastic, Anika! Can I touch them? Does this feel good?”

What do you know, I finally receive a compliment! Since he put me in a better mood and agreed to my oil massage proposal, I say:

“Yes, you can touch my breasts, it turns me on.”

As I am yanking his boner and at the same time rubbing it against my pussy, I pretend to be aroused. Although Vangelis is busy fondling my breasts, he cannot help but watch the action between my legs. I think he loves viewing his pecker in action. It does not take long for him to reach a high state of arousal and so as not to come to an abrupt ending with this act, I take a break from massaging his cock and say:

“Lean back, darling, I want to titty fuck you.”

Perhaps Vangelis thinks I am getting pleasure from this, which would not be off the mark. When I am in charge of determining the progress of intimate play, I am happy. With Vangelis lying prone on his back, I kneel over his legs and place his cock between my breasts. Vangelis obviously enjoys the view.

“Yeah, Anika, really use your tits and fuck it good! Oh, yeah, rub it real good. I’m almost there. It’s going to explode at any moment now. Is that okay, Anika? Do you want it to come between your tits?”

“No, wait, baby! I want to come first. Hold on for another moment, I’m almost there!”

Since Vangelis has mentioned he is ready for the finale, there is no need to prolong it unnecessarily. I merely do not want him to come while I am in this position because I might end up with his cum squirting in my face. Therefore, I straddle him again so that his cock is aimed toward my pussy. Pretending to be wild with lust, I buff his big erection with my pussy. As I am about to fake an orgasm for him, he quietly speaks:

“Oh, God, I’m coming!”

And as he says the last words he explodes. However, he does not squirt his cum in a high arc, it merely erupts from his gland and slithers down the sides of his penis until the warm, milky-looking substance runs over my hand. Vangelis’ hands tightly grab my thighs as he climaxes. The deed is done, so there is no longer the need to fake an orgasm, just a few moans will suffice. The idea of me coming drove him over the edge. It was what he wanted all along.

Once showered and dressed, I walk back into the room and find Vangelis sitting in his underwear at the desk surfing the Internet. He has placed three 50-euro bills next to my small toiletry bag.

“Anika, that’s for you!” he says and points to the money. “And just so you know, next month I’ll be back in Athens for a few days. Will you still be here?”

“Thanks, Vangelis! — And yes, I’ll most likely still be here. I’m planning to stay at least through summer.”

“Great, but I can’t save your number. I’m hoping you’ll keep your ad in the paper so I can look it up again.”

“Of course, my ad will still be there.”

After packing my things, I walk over to say goodbye.

“Wait, Anika, let me walk you to the door. Hopefully, no one will see you leaving my room. — Maybe it’s better to meet at an hourly hotel next time. I mean, there are a few in this neighborhood, aren’t there?”

“Yes, there’s the Lenny Blue Hotel in Glyfada.”

“That works, although I don’t know it. I don’t really care for carpeted hotel rooms. Maybe you can find a hotel like that and let me know the address. Next time, I definitely want to fuck you and then you can be as loud as you want! — Okay, Anika, until next time. And thank you very much!”

He gives me a kiss on the cheek before opening the door for me. Cautiously, he checks if the coast is clear and when he nods, I quickly depart and head for the elevator. Stepping into the lobby, a group of Americans returning from the beach provides excellent cover for me to walk across to the hotel’s big glass door and out into the early evening heat of Glyfada without being noticed. Since my appointment with Nikos at the Wicky Inn Hotel isn’t until 9:30 p.m., there is plenty of time to take public transportation to the city center. The illuminated display at the tram stop shows the next train to Syntagma Square is departing in six minutes. Perfect! I walk briskly to a kiosk, buy an ice cream, and enjoy it as I stroll back to the platform. Ice cream tastes much better than cock, I think. At least if you have no personal interest in a penis.

to be continued

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