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Dedicated to Violet

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Around 9:00 p.m., I walk slowly by the Wicky Inn Hotel. It is located in a narrow, relatively dark alley not far from the main road, Patision Street. The hotel facade is also dark and the shutters on the upper floors are closed. It does not look all that inviting. I wonder why Nikos chose this place for our meeting. Is it the most affordable hotel in the area? I will definitely ask him. My phone rings. I take it out of the side pocket and answer:


“Hi! This is Andreas. Am I speaking with the German lady with the ad in Athens World?”

“Yes, you are. My name is Anika. Good evening, Andreas.”

“Good evening, Anika. Can you tell me more about yourself? How much do you charge an hour and what do you look like? Oh, and how old are you?”

“Sure. I’m 35, blonde with blue eyes, and a slim figure. — I make hotel and home visits and my rate is 150 euros for one hour of safe sex.”

“Wow! — Too pricey for me, Anika. Other women only charge 80 or 100. If you lower your price, we have a deal. I really would like to see you. So, the ball is in your court!”

Great! Another penny pincher! What shall I do now? Violet said I should be flexible in the beginning. I guess she is right. Listening to Andreas’ accent, I determine he is definitely Greek. And he seems to be familiar with local escort service rates and he will not pay my price. So, do I take him up on his offer? I guess I must! Since I am establishing myself, I cannot afford to turn down a customer simply because he is unwilling to pay my standard fee.

“Andreas, it’s your lucky day. Since I’m new in town, I’ll lower my price. How about 100? However, anal is out of the question.”

“It’s a deal, Anika. I’m not into anal anyway. Okay, can you come to the Gordens Hotel in Glyfada?”

“That depends on when you want me there!”

“Right now.”

“Sorry, Andreas, it’s not enough notice. I’m on my way to an appointment in the city center. Perhaps later this evening I could be in Glyfada around 11:30 p.m.”

“Oh, okay. Yeah, why not? So, 11:30 p.m. at the Gordens Hotel in Glyfada. It’s a deal! Do you know the place?”

“No, but I’m sure a taxi driver knows the place.– Later, as soon as you’re at the hotel and have the room number, please call or text me. I’m sure I can be there on time.”

“Okay, I’ll do that.”

“Thanks, Andreas. See you later!”

Andreas hangs up and I save his number under ‘Andreas – Gordens’. Yippee! — Another appointment! I might make a little less, but what the heck, 100 is still good money! Granted, by the time I am finished with Nikos, there will not be enough time to take public transportation to get to the Gordens Hotel on time. I will have to dish out for a cab. When I am done with Andreas, it will be past midnight so there will be no other choice but to take a taxi again and then it will be the night tariff, which will cost even more. — At least I will keep most of the hundred, and if I am lucky, perhaps Andreas will book me again under circumstances that are more favorable. Right now, that is the most important thing!

My phone hums. It is a text message from Nikos. He is in room 32. I make a U-turn and return via Throma Street to the Wicky Inn Hotel. Its lobby is tiny and dimly illuminated, similar to the surrounding area outside. I ask the elderly gentleman sitting behind the front desk about room 32. He replies tersely:

“Third floor.”

Although it is a small elevator, it has a mirror. I examine myself critically, run a brush through my hair, and once again, I am happy with my appearance. Nervous, I knock on number 32 and Nikos opens it only in underpants. He is tall and almost bald. He shaves the patches on his head where hair still grows. This is uncommon for Greek men because they are usually incredibly hairy, on their bodies and heads. Nikos seems friendly.

“Good evening, Anika! Come on in!”

“Good evening, Nikos!”

We exchange kisses and I walk by him into the room. Once again, I am in luck, the lights are dimmed.

“Nikos, I’ll quickly freshen up in the bathroom and put on a sexy outfit for you, okay?”

Nikos thoroughly checks me out.

“You’re already quite sexy, my little German lady — but hey, knock yourself out!”

I remove my sun hat and place it on the small bench across from the bed before disappearing into the bathroom. It is small but clean although I do not see a stool, which is always handy and is important to me. Oh well! Where can I place my bag? I guess the dry sink will do for now. I shed my clothes and hang them over the towel rack. I use the toilet to empty my bowels because I do not want any feces in my rectum for the upcoming anal sex and then hop in the shower and use a soapy finger to clean my anus. Once dry and dressed in my red lingerie, I switch my phone to silent mode, use my perfume decanter, grab my small toiletry bag stuffed with working equipment, and return to the main room.

Nikos is sitting on the bed with his back against the old bed’s wooden headboard. I place my open bag on the nightstand and climb up on the bed.

“How would you like me to start, darling? Should I give you a little massage or would you rather have a blowjob?”

“How about you show me your beautiful tits and then go down on me and suck me real good? Once you have my cock nice and hard, we’ll get you ready for a good ass fuck!”

“As you wish, baby. I’m fine with that.”

By pushing the thin material of my bra underneath my breasts, they are completely exposed but still supported and perky. Nikos whistles through his teeth.

“Come here! I want to touch them.”

I move next to him and stretch so he can grab my tits. He fondles and kneads my breasts and then plays with my nipples.

“Hey, they feel great! And they’re real. Nowadays, you never know. — You have an awesome figure, Anika. You look great, considering you’re 35!”

Pleased with his compliment, I jump for joy on the inside and kneel in front of him with my legs spread far apart while thrusting my tits toward him. The mirror across from the bed allows me to make sure I present him with my best poses. Nikos pushes his underpants under his balls and his cock pops out.

“And, how do you like this?”

“It looks marvelous! So, are you good to go?”

“Yes, but wait, let me sit on the edge of the bed and then you can properly do your thing!”

Nikos moves to the edge of the bed and places his feet on the floor while keeping his legs far apart. I take up a dog-style position between his thighs and since the wooden floor is quite hard on my knees, I ask Nikos to hand me a pillow. As I reach for a condom, Nikos says:

“Please, don’t! — I am 100 percent healthy, Anika. Please take it in your mouth like it is, otherwise, I’ll hardly feel a thing!”

Oral sex without a rubber is normal practice in all the clubs I worked. Even the escort service Seven Heaven here in Athens, advertises oral sex without protection. — Although I wanted to get away from this practice in my own business, I guess I can make an exception. Considering Nikos’ words, and it is not like I have not done it before, I judge for myself whether his cock looks healthy or not. Nikos’ member looks fine, so I set the condom aside and begin my oral sex performance. Nikos places a hand on the back of my head and gently pushes so his cock ends up deep in my mouth. Fortunately, his boner is not all that big and poses no problem for deep insertion. And, providing my anus gets a little foreplay, anal intercourse should be relatively painless too. Nikos is quite excited when he says:

“Spit on it! — I’m into that, Anika! Spit on it and tell me what a filthy thing I have!”

Okay, that is easy. While sucking his cock, I repeatedly release it, give it a disapproving look, spit on it, swear at it, and slap it around:

“You filthy piece of shit! — You horny little bastard!”

Apparently, Nikos likes it. Every time I slap his cock, he moans in delight.

“You no good fucking rod!” I scream at it and immediately take it all the way into my mouth. Nikos moans continuously and then says:

“Oh, yes, Anika, that’s it! Don’t stop! Shout at it! It’s a filthy thing. A fucking cheat! Say it needs to be punished and that there will be no pussy! It’s been a bad boy and is only allowed to fuck your ass. It deserves nothing better. Say it like that, Anika!”

I take my time dominating his cock while cussing at it using the most derogatory terms as well as slapping and biting it. As I want my rosette already nicely stretched out before the next act of my performance, I reach down with my right hand to part the crotch of my panties so I have access to both holes. I wet my middle finger and use it to massage my anus. As I stick my fingertip into my butthole, I spit on Nikos rod and abuse it some more. While biting and gently slapping it around from side to side, I gradually sink my finger deeper into my rectum. When my finger is inserted all the way, I move it around to prepare the orifice for something larger. Nikos notices my play and says:

“I like what you’re doing there, baby! — Oh man, you have no idea how turned on I get just thinking about sticking it in your ass!”

Nikos is a man who likes to hold back so he gets the most out of it. However, in order to urge him on and not to prolong the act until who knows when, I tell him:

“Baby, my butt is aching for your bad boy. How about you stick it in? Or is it too soon for punishment?”

“Oh no, he’s ready all right! Come and kneel on the bed. I want to take you from behind!” he immediately replies. He seems tense, but I hope he will not take long to come.

“Wait, let me grab a condom!” I say and quickly roll one over his cock. I snatch my personal lubricant out of my small pouch and rub it on his boner. Climbing back up on the bed, I assume a position on all fours and make a hollow back so my ass sticks up enticingly. As Nikos kneels behind me and looks in the mirror affixed above the bench where I discarded my sun hat, our eyes meet and I ask:

“Stick it in slowly!”

It seems he has not heard me because he immediately thrust his cock all the way into my keister.

“Slowly!” I say emphatically. I might have stretched out my anus with one finger, but his cock is much thicker and I cannot help but cramp up as he penetrates me.

“Darling, this isn’t working for me! You have to slow down and we need more lubricant!” I say determinedly as I move away from him.

“I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to hurt you, Anika,” Nikos says guiltily.

I reach for my personal lubricant again and squeeze enough on my hand to cover his entire dick.

“Okay, now do me nice and slow, baby!” I urge.

“Yes. My bad, bad Nicky will get the deserved punishment. He must look up your bottom. No pussy for him!” Nikos is talking to his thankfully still rock hard pecker as he gradually pushes it into my butt. I feel my intestinal muscle relaxing and the pain subsiding. Nicely relaxed, I say to Nikos:

“Okay, darling, now everything’s okay!”

Nikos immediately starts fucking me like a rabbit while lightly spanking my ass.

“There you go bad boy,” he gasps. “See what you get for cheating!”

He thrusts forcefully into me and I have to grab the bed sheet so he does not push me forward. As his panting increases, he thrusts a few more times and finally reaches climax. I am happy the anal intercourse did not last long. Although I am glad it is over, I say:

“Darling, wait a little before you pull out your cock! — Let it become flaccid first. It deserves to be punished for a while longer. Otherwise, it’ll be uncomfortable for me.”

“Okay, baby, as you wish. I, for one, am finished. I’m exhausted! Damn, this was crazy! You have a fantastic ass, you know that? Such a great fuck!”

Breathing heavily, Nikos remains on his knees behind me, lightly holding onto my hips for support. If he abruptly removes his cock, it will feel as if I dropped a turd. In essence, it would be extremely unpleasant! When the bad boy finally softens, I move forward and let it slide out of me. Nikos gets up and rushes into the bathroom, but immediately returns with my handbag and clothes and discards them on the bed, saying:

“This way nothing gets wet when I shower.”

I take the time to stretch out on the bed to relax. It is a 10:15 p.m. I actually must hurry to make my next appointment with Andreas, but I do not want to rush Nikos. Taking my phone out of my handbag, I notice I have received two calls, so I switch the ringer back on. Grabbing my small toiletry bag, I stuff it and my phone back in the bag. As soon Nikos finishes in the bathroom, I hop into the shower. By the time I am done and come back into the room, Nikos is already dressed and smoking a cigarette. He holds out the pack to me, but I politely decline:

“Thanks, darling, but I don’t smoke.”

Nikos reaches into his pants pocket, pulls out a wad of bills, counts off three 50s, and says:

“This is for you, Anika! And, I’d like to call you again. — I’m hoping anal sex was okay for you too?”

“Yes, it was fine, once you slowed down. You know, you have to give me time to relax my anus, that way, I can also enjoy it.”

“Great. So all I have to do is follow your lead, no problem, baby!”

“You want me to leave first?” I ask as I pick up my hat and handbag.

“Yes, you can go if you like. — But tell me, can I give you a ride somewhere? I drove my car. I know this hotel is a bit secluded and this dark neighborhood is no place for a pretty blonde to be running around late at night. — At least let me take you to a busier road. What direction are you going?”

“That’s a great idea! I’d appreciate it if you could drop me off somewhere where I can grab a taxi! I have to be in Glyfada.”

“Oh, yeah! I’m going to Palaio Faliro. I can give you a ride for most of the way. Hold on a moment! I’m almost ready to go.”

He goes back into the bathroom and leaves the door open. I see him checking himself out in the mirror. He then pulls out a small bottle of aftershave from his blazer, covering up any womanly smell with some herbal male fragrance.

“You never know what the wife might smell!”

Grinning, he puts the bottle back and the two of us leave the room. When we are in the elevator, he playfully grabs my butt and says:

“Damn! You have a great ass!”

I wait nearby for Nikos to pay for the room at the reception desk and then we exit of the hotel together into the dark narrow street. We stroll along the road where one car after another is parked until Nikos stops at a white Mercedes Coupé S Class and opens the passenger door for me. The car has leather seats and the dashboard is made of fine wood. The young man must do okay for himself to be able to afford such a car. So why did he take me to such a dump, certainly not because of the cheap room rate.

“This is a fine car,” I say as I buckle up.

“Yes, my work takes me on the road a lot. And this Mercedes is the right car for that. — And of course, I like it too!”

He grins again before driving off. I lean back in the plush leather seats and look out the window.

“So, tell me, why did you want to go to this hotel?” I cannot contain my curiosity.

“Because people who know me would never think I’d frequent such an establishment. In essence, I don’t go to the popular hourly hotels for security reasons. — I thought you might not like that place, but I’m hoping you won’t mind if we meet there again.”

“No, it’s okay. It might be old-fashioned, but at least it’s clean. However, I don’t care for its dark, deserted location!”

“Yes, you’re right about that. I’m sure some questionable characters hang out in that neighborhood, which is why I’m glad you accepted my offer for a ride. — So, which part of Germany are you from, Anika?”

“Outside Cologne.”

“Cologne, huh, I’ve never been to that city. I’ve been to Hamburg, Hannover, and Berlin. Nice cities. — But as a Greek, you Germans eat dinner way too early!”

“Yes, I know. Most restaurants close at midnight.”

“Yeah, right, not the ones I frequented. It was only 10:00 p.m. and none of them would serve me a warm meal!”

Both of us laugh at his remark and spend the rest of the time talking about our different lifestyles. When we reach the coastal road, I say to Nikos:

“Just drop me off anywhere you can pull over. I’m sure I can catch a taxi here.”


When there is a break in traffic, Nikos pulls curbside and we quickly say goodbye before he drives off. As I search Poseidonos Street for a cab, I notice a tram stop across the road. Since Nikos has saved me time and it is only 10:50 p.m., I can save the cost of a taxi and ride the tram to Glyfada. I do not have to wait long before boarding one. When the tram begins to move, I Google the Gordens Hotel and find the location right where Andreas described it to me, close to the beach. Reassured, I lean back and look out the window while thinking about my next customer.

to be continued

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