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During my ride to Glyfada, I receive a text from Andreas telling me his room number. I text back:

Thanks. I’m on my way!

By the time I hear the announcement for the upcoming stop at the Vergoti town square station, my destination, it is 11:20 p.m. Talk about good timing! I disembark and see the neon signs of several hotels. One is the Gordens Hotel. I enter a brightly lit lobby after climbing the few steps to the entrance. At the front desk is a young woman dressed in a drab gray suit. Walking up to her, I say:

“Good evening, room 510, please.”

“Fifth floor,” she replies pleasantly and nods her head at the elevator. This place does not seem to be a regular hourly hotel. From the looks of it, I would say it is a regular tourist hotel. In the elevator, I check my appearance in the mirror. After reapplying lipstick and perfume, I run my fingers through my hair and I am ready for my next client. When the elevator stops, I am confronted with a waiting couple far apart in age. He must be at least 60, whereas she looks 20, if that. His arm is tightly wrapped around her shoulder, giving the impression they are not father and daughter. We greet in passing and I head left to room 510. Not long after I knock, the door is opened by a man who reminds me of Obelix the Gaul. He is quite tall and large. And he wheezes, which means he has problems breathing. His slicked-back black hair is shiny as if he used a whole jar of mayonnaise on it. I feel insignificant next to this mountain of a man. Andreas offers his hand and greets me warmly. 

“Come on in, Anika! Good evening.”

“Good evening, Andreas,” I reply in kind. His handshake is limp and damp. —Yuck! I do not care for damp hands, nor do I like big men. But it is not about what I like, I am here for him. Andreas closes the door and follows me into the room. The room furnishings are a simple modern style. The wall across from the large bed is one immense mirror. It makes the room appear more spacious. The entire seaward wall is glass and the sliding door to the balcony stands open.

“This is a nice room,” I comment as I look around.

“Yes, I think so too. I like the Gordens Hotel for its cleanliness and proximity to the beach. — Would you like a drink, Anika?”

“Yes, please! A glass of water would be nice.”

I set my handbag on the bed and walk out onto the balcony. The view of the tall palm trees, the dimly lit sandy beach, and the dark vast sea beyond is absolutely idyllic. The waning moon rising in the east illuminates part of the water’s surface making it shimmer. If it were up to me, we would sit out here and enjoy this beautiful nocturnal atmosphere while sipping drinks. At that moment, Andreas comes out on the balcony with his drink and a glass of water for me.

“Andreas, would you mind if I enjoyed the gorgeous view of the palm trees, sea, and moon for another minute. It’s simply magical!”

“I’m glad you see it that way. I believe we Greeks sometimes forget that we’re living in a magical place right on the coast. — So, Anika, how long have you been in Athens?”

“Just shy of two weeks.”

“And, do you like the city?”

“It’s okay. It’s a bit too hot for me during the day and I find it too noisy and too trashy. I think the city’s charm comes out when it gets dark, when it’s no longer hot and I can’t see all that trash flying around. — I simply adore the warm evenings. I only had a few of those back in Germany!”

We toast and silently stand for a while looking out over the railing at the vast sea. Since I came here to work, I snap out of it and say:

“Andreas, I’m going to the bathroom to freshen up and change, okay?”

“All right, Anika.”

Andreas follows me back into the room. I hear his labored breathing with every step he takes. Although the bathroom is not all that big, it does have a stool for my handbag. I quickly switch my phone to silent mode before undressing. Andreas might be huge and looks like Obelix, but I do appreciate his good manners. All I need to do is ensure I stay on top. Otherwise, I also might have problems breathing! I don the white lace bustier set and matching strapless stockings I wore this afternoon with Vangelis, believing Andreas will enjoy it too. I still do not have a clue how best to manage a man of his voluminous stature. But I feel certain he will not fuck me like a rabbit. At least I would not think so, considering his breathing problems! I grab my purse, drape my clothes over one arm, and return to the room. Andreas is naked with a towel wrapped around his waist and is heading for the now empty bathroom.

While he is in the shower, I try out different poses on the bed while watching myself in the mirror. Checking out the various light switches, I discover each lamp can be dimmed separately. The room has wooden flooring with no visible carpeting anywhere. I make a mental note of it, considering Vangelis, the retired captain, prefers non-carpeted hotel rooms. From my toiletry bag, I grab a couple condoms and a small bottle of massage oil and place them on the bedside table. I get comfortable on the bed and wait. When Andreas comes out of the bathroom, a big bath towel is wrapped around his waist again. He sits down next to me on the bed. I smile and ask:

“Okay, darling, how may I be of service? Would you like to start with a little erotic massage?”

“That sounds good. — You look sexy in that white lingerie, Anika.”

“Thank you, Andreas! Please take off the towel and lie down on your belly. I’m going to start with a back massage.”

When he removes the towel, he makes sure I cannot see his wiener. Strange! Taking into account why I am here, I am going to see it anyway. I kneel next to Andreas and warm some oil in my palms. His back is not hairy, but it is lightly tanned. Moving my hands in circular motion, I start massaging his back at his hips and move upward. I start kneading his shoulders and he groans.

“Am I hurting you?” I ask.

“A little bit. My shoulders seem to be tense. But please continue, Anika, it also feels good.”

Using less pressure, I massage down his back. This time, I start rubbing his buttocks with circular hand movements. Slowly, I work my way back up along his spine and then on to his shoulders and upper arms before I repeat the process back down to his ass. As my fingers rub his buttocks, I slide one oiled hand deep between his thighs until I feel his testicles. Andreas winces slightly. I continue massaging his butt with alternating circular motions and work my way back up to his shoulders. Massaging his backside up and down a few more times, I decide it has received enough attention. Dripping more oil into my palms, I say:

“Turn around, darling, time to do your front.”

Panting heavily, Andreas rolls onto his back. He crosses his arms behind his head and avoids eye contact. His wiener looks rather puny on his huge physique. Looking at his cock independently, it is really not that small. He has no reason to be shy. Perhaps he has a different opinion because when he looks in the mirror all he sees is his disproportionate physique. That is fine with me; otherwise, he would a have a monstrous penis! Lying prone on his back, his gut prevents him from seeing his wiener and what I am about to do with it. I suggest:

“Andreas, don’t you want to sit up a little? There’s no need for you to lie flat, that was only for the back massage.”

“I’d love to, Anika! Hold on.”

Painstakingly, he raises his upper body and shoves a few pillows under his head.

“That’s better. Now I can see what you’re doing to me, sexy lady!”

I start rubbing his cock with my oiled hands. Andreas closes his eyes and moans repeatedly. He obviously enjoys my cock massage. I am sure I could get him off like this, but that would not be fair. I am certain he wants to fuck me. — I just wonder how? To prevent the condom from tearing easily, I must remove the oil from his cock. Having removed my bustier, I bend down and place his proud member between my boobs. By rubbing his stiff cock with my bare breasts, I transfer as much oil as possible to my skin. Now, Andreas has opened his eyes and is watching the action at his crotch intently. I believe my breasts have done all they can, so I lick the remaining oil off his boner. Andreas moans again and this time says:

Panajia Mou! Maria Mother of God, this is fucking awesome!”

I roll a rubber over his clean shaft and perform oral sex before I start fucking him. Although I have had sex before with big men, Andreas tops them all. I mount him, although I am no longer able to reach the mattress with my knees. His girth is simply enormous! I need to change positions, so I climb off him again. I take off my panties, slip out of my heels, and climb back aboard. This time I squat over him. In this position, I can balance myself on my feet. It might be more strenuous, but there is no other choice. Once his cock slides into my pussy, I start riding him. Using all my leg strength, I move up and down, up and down… I lean slightly forward, reach for his nipples with my fingertips and gently tweak them. Andreas moans again. I cannot tell whether it is due to shortness of breath or arousal. Perhaps both. Since I do not sense any movement under me, it is up to me to set the speed and rhythm. I hope I am choosing correctly so he will climax. Up and down, up and down, all the while moving my hips and increasing speed. Suddenly, I feel him trying to thrust his pelvis. It is obvious Andreas is mustering all his strength for a few thrusts to enjoy the final reward. The huge body beneath lifts me up as it spasms during climax. During this, I attempt to keep my weight on my knees while waiting for Andreas to calm down and find his breath. I slowly rise up a bit while holding the loaded condom in place so it does not slide of his softening penis. While disembarking, I grasp the rubber, pull it off, and place on the floor. Next, I kneel next to him and slowly caress his stomach and his chest. Andreas is a client who was easy to satisfy. Placing his great damp paw on mine, he squeezes it.

“That was pretty damn good, Anika! Thank you!”

“You’re welcome, darling! — I’m glad you liked it. It’s important to me.”

“You’re really pretty!”

“Thank you!” I smile charmingly, delighted to have made my customer happy.

“You know, Anika, I’m aware of how I look. I don’t like when a girl I’ve called keeps looking at me in disgust while trying to get the job done as soon as possible. — I mean, I’m paying for it. — But you took your time and didn’t make me feel like a huge lump of gross meat. I really appreciate that.”

Moved by his honesty, I reply:

“You’re not gross. You’re simply a large man, like Obelix. — I know lots of women who are into men like you!”

Andreas shakes his head and says:

“You don’t have to sweet talk me, Anika. As I said, I know how I look.”

It’s best we change the subject. At least, I find it uncomfortable.

“Andreas, are you an Athenian?”

“No, I’m not even a full-blooded Greek. My father is Moroccan. I was born and raised in Morocco. As a child, I spent each summer vacation in Greece with my mother’s family. At that time, my parents worked in the fashion industry and founded their own company in Greece. Although the fashion label is rather unknown around the world, business is great and now I’m also part of it.”

“That’s interesting! Is it rude to ask the name of the label?”

“Yes, it is! Let’s just drop it, Anika!” he replies with a smile. “So, what about you? Why did you come to Athens? — I know lots of people who would give anything for a life in Germany.”

“I was tired of lying about and hiding my profession. That’s what I had to do in Germany. I grew up in an area that we refer to as a cow town. Actually, the entire region I used to live in was made up of cow towns, — yeah, and most people know each other. I constantly had to be vigilant and lie so no one would find out about my job as a prostitute. It was a heavy burden. — It was exhausting and I was tired of it! I chose to come to Athens because it’s part of Europe, it’s by the sea, and the climate is much better than in Germany.”

Andreas laughs when I say cow town. Perhaps in English, the word does not exist. Nevertheless, I’m sure he knows the type of town I’m talking about.

“Did you work as a call girl in Germany?”

“No, I worked in clubs, similar to small brothels that operate out of private residences, mansions, or apartments. I worked at those places as a part-time prostitute. Here, far away from people who know me, I have the freedom to work full-time untroubled. I want to see how well I do here through the summer and if I make enough, I will move here permanently.”

“Well, I certainly hope you stay!” Andreas is smoking a cigarette and sipping his drink. He fills a glass with water and hands it to me.

“To your success!” he says with a raised glass.

I shower and dress. By the time I finish, Andreas is wrapped in a towel again, handing me a 100-euro bill. Happily, I pocket the green note, kiss him on the cheek, and leave the hotel room.

to be continued

Sunshine, Sex & Easy Money: Diary of a Call Girl, Maria van Daarten

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