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9 Apr 2021 16:04:00

Dedicated to Violet

>>> Copyright notice from the author: All rights reserved. © / Copyright: 2017 Maria van Daarten. No part of this book may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means without the prior written permission of the author. Only CO “Legalife-Ukraine” has permission. – Translated from German to English by <<<


I like Athens best at night. At that time, the scorching daytime temperature has turned comfortably warm. In the darkness, the dusty and, at times, muddy roads appear clean in the glow of lamps and headlights. Not seeing the city’s trash and filth creates a more inviting atmosphere than during the day. I walk across the illuminated Syntagma Square and stop next to the fountain. The splashing of water drowns out the street noise. I feel completely at ease. I might be alone, but I am my own boss. I work in a trade I am familiar with and it comes easily to me. And, for being in Athens for only one week, I have already made good money, earning almost 1800 euros. I am extremely happy with my new life here. Whatever lucky stars might be watching over me, I would like to thank them all for smoothing the way!

As I prefer the pleasant sound of rushing water to the constant shrill noise of evening rush hour, I happily sit down on a bench and watch strolling locals and tourists. My phone rings. I answer:

“Good evening!”

“Hello, good evening. I’m Nikos. Do you speak Greek?”

“No, I’m sorry, but we can talk in English or German. I’m Anika, by the way.”

“Hi, Anika. So, are you really a German?”


“Well — I want to make sure because many Serb, Bulgarian, and Russian woman state in their ads they are German just to get calls. — Anyway! This is great! — So, can you tell me a bit about yourself? Among other things, I’d like to know your rate.”

“I’d love to, Nikos. I’m 35 with blonde hair, blue eyes, and a slim figure. I only do hotel and home visits. My hourly rate is 150 euros.”

“That sounds good, Anika. I’m also 35, well groomed, and keep myself in shape. Regrettably, I don’t have much hair on my head.” He laughs. “But when you say slim, you don’t mean real skinny, do you?”

“No, I have curves. My cup size is 34 B.”

“Okay. Just checking, I don’t enjoy a stick in bed! — What are your hours, Anika? And, do you allow anal?”

“I always have my phone on. If I’m busy, you’ll have to leave a message and if you want an appointment after midnight, I need enough prior notice. And yes, I provide anal sex, but I can’t commit to it over the phone. I first have to see the size of your penis. Also, anal is an additional 50 euros.”

“Oh, Anika, 50 more! — That’s too much! I can’t pay that. I’d really love to see you, and I’ll even pay for the room, but — baby, I’m sorry, I’m not willing to pay an extra 50 for anal intercourse. Come on, what do you say we leave it at 150 and give anal a try?”

What now? I want the work. However, I do not want to come down with my price either. My brain is in overdrive and I decide to agree to his terms. After all, he is Greek, probably lives in Athens, and is most likely familiar with others rates in Athens World. I am going to lose him if I insist on the extra 50. I am going to give him a break, hoping he will find me attractive and will be satisfied with my service, thus becoming a repeat customer! I need clients who want to hire me more than just once. As all this rushes through my mind, I realize he is waiting for an answer.

“Okay, Nikos. — I’m agreeing to 150.”

“Finally! It’s a deal, Anika. Unfortunately, this evening is no longer possible. How about tomorrow? Do you know the Wicky Inn Hotel near the main train station?”

“No, I don’t know that one.”

“It’s easy to find. It is near Victoria Subway Station. If you like, I can text you the address of the hotel. And please store my phone number!”

“Okay, Nikos, text me the address and I’ll save your number. What time would you like to meet tomorrow?”

“Around 9:00 p.m. would be great. Maybe a little later… Are you free at that time?”

“Yes, the time is yours if you want. But call me as soon as you can to confirm the appointment and to let me know the exact time.”

“Sure, Anika! You’ll hear from me by tomorrow afternoon. Okay, until then, bye, baby!”

“Thanks for calling, Nikos. Talk to you tomorrow.”

I made the right decision by agreeing to his terms. Although, I have to make sure I do not make it a habit. I must get better at reading people over the phone and then it will be easier for me to judge how much I can push my price. In Germany, I never had to worry about such decisions. I guess that is part of being self-employed. I look up Victoria Subway Station’s address on my phone and see that it is not far from here. While stowing my phone, my grumbling stomach lets me know sustenance is required. Without hesitation, I catch the next train traveling from Syntagma Square to Thiseio station. It is across from the ancient Archaia Agora in which the Temple of Hephaestus is located. There are numerous restaurants and cafés with beautiful views of the Acropolis, which is even more beautiful at night when illuminated. Incidentally, I am in the zone where I am allegedly working at a tourist bar through August. That reminds me, I still require a plausible story for my friends in Germany. But since I consider this matter unpleasant, I continue procrastinating. Too late, my bad conscience kicks in and reminds me I have only spoken to my father once and that I need to call him again. However, now is not the time!

I start walking among the tourists and immediately feel as if I am on vacation. What a great feeling it is! Noticing a restaurant with a free table and an incredible view, I walk over and sit down. Since it is late, I allow myself a glass of white wine with my chicken souvlaki and a side order of Kolokito Keftedes. These are zucchini meatballs with feta cheese. Overhearing bits and pieces of the conversations from neighboring tables, I conclude I am surrounded by Germans, Dutch, and Americans. Since the entire atmosphere is so beautiful, I take a few pictures of the passing throngs of people who are heading to the Acropolis. Depending on how the pictures turn out, I might email them to my friends. As three Americans next to me rise from their seats and are about to leave, I quickly get up and ask if they can take a picture of me. I always have a dumb look on my face when I take a selfie. One of the Americans thinks I should not be alone in the photo and stands next to me. He puts one arm around my shoulder and leans his head against mine.

“Let’s say I’m your new boyfriend!” he says playfully in his American accent and I join in for the fun. Not being alone in a picture for a change is obviously nicer and livelier. Perhaps I can integrate him in my made-up story and use this picture to send to my friends.

“By the way, I’m Roger!” My photo partner introduces himself.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Anika!” I shake his hand.

“Hi, I’m Mike,” the other American man says, the one who took the picture.

“And I’m Susan!” the third American, a young woman joins in.

“Are you on vacation too?” Roger asks and I say:


“So, where’s your husband or boyfriend?”

Roger looks around carefully as if he is searching for someone.

“I’m here alone. Well, with a girlfriend. But tonight she’s on a date with a Greek!”

“Hey, that doesn’t mean you have to be alone. Why don’t you join us?” Roger puts me on the spot.

“Yeah, come on. We’re going to have fun. And it’s good when there’s another woman around, that way Roger won’t get on my nerves,” Susan pipes in and starts laughing.

“What do you say, Anika. You want to be my date this evening! We’ll have fun and turn Athens upside down!” Roger is persistent.

I like the young Americans outgoing nature. They seem to be in their mid-thirties, — like I am, I think. Although I am tempted to say yes, the spoilsport in me says no! Stick to the plan. Perhaps I will receive another call.

“I’m sorry, but I still haven’t eaten!” I say evasively.

“No problem. We’ll wait until you’re done!” Roger is determined.

I shake my head, thank them for taking the picture, and their generous offer to keep me company. Then, I add:

“Besides, I have to get up early to catch the ferry to an island just off Athens.”

Roger makes one final attempt to persuade me:

“Oh, Anika, who needs more than three hours of sleep when on vacation? Come on, join us!”

I dismiss him with a wave of my hand. Roger looks disappointed. Resigning himself to his fate, he kisses me goodbye as if we have known each other for years. He takes me into his strong muscular arms and hugs me so hard so that all air escapes me. Susan and Mike are holding hands and waving goodbye as they melt into the throng of passing tourists. Roger quickly follows and I sit back down at my table a little sad.

to be continued

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