hot line

  • 📌 if police officers extort you for money, coerce you to sign illegal protocols, attempt to illegally search you;
  • 📌 if police officers exercise physical or symbolic violence (humiliate you, insult you, coerce you to cooperate, coerce you to sexual activity, rape you, etc.);
  • 📌 in case of sexual abuse;
  • 📌 if someone threatens to take away your children because of what you do;
  • 📌 if someone blackmails you, threatens you or limits your freedom in any way;
  • 📌 if someone refuses to provide the medical treatment or services because of what you do;
  • 📌 if you require help in applying for a passport or registration, etc.
+38(050) 450 777 4 +38(067) 450 777 4


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