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“It’s worrying, that I may be thrown in prison for sex with a girl…”/ letter from a wounded soldier

30 Aug 2022 19:08:02

On July 21, 2022, a petition appeared on the website of petitions to the President of Ukraine with the demand to apply the Swedish (Nordic) model of combating prostitution in Ukraine. The author of the petition was someone under the name Mrs. Sirko Victoria.

Victoria excludes the existence of voluntary sex work by mutual consent of adults. She believes that any sexual relationship for money is an act of violence against a person. And that the demand for sex work, which she believes men create, is the main reason for the existence of this kind of human relationships. Therefore, in her opinion, it is necessary to fight this “evil” precisely by reducing demand through the criminalization of customers.

We have long explained why in the real world this Swedish Model does not work. We’ve explained, that all this talk about its positive effects is nothing more than fairy tales. We demonstrate this with the results of many studies and surveys among sex workers around the world, which prove: The Swedish Model does not reduces demand, it does not save women from violence, it does not reduce the level of human trafficking and violence in society, it does not help women in any way to improve their lives.

Using the example of New Zealand, we argue that only under conditions of decriminalization of sex work, when the rights, work safety, health and well-being of sex workers are expressly recognized in law, women will no longer need to fear traps from the police and they will be protected from traffickers and other criminals.

Unfortunately, this dispute between sex worker rights movement activists and radical feminists is old and seems to be endless.

But today, when a brutal war in Ukraine is going on, when our boys and girls, defending our country, lose their health and are often left alone with their physical and psychological injuries, it is time to look at this issue from the other side. From the point of view of the people for whom sex services is not just entertainment or a means of pleasant leisure – sex services are one of the means, perhaps temporary, to satisfy their natural needs, to feel complete and loved, to feel human warmth and affection.

Last week we’ve received a letter from one of the soldiers, who was fighting on the front line. He lost a limb in this war, and for now, it looks like relationships with sex workers are the only way to satisfy his natural needs. The guy allowed us to publish this letter because he is against the introduction of the Swedish Model, which would immediately make him a criminal for buying sex services.

Draw your own conclusions.

“Good day. I am writing to you all, because of your work in the direction of “decriminalization/legalization of prostitution”. A petition to the President of Ukraine recently appeared on the website of petitions to apply the Swedish model of combating prostitution in Ukraine. As I’m a user of sex services, this worries me a lot. It’s happened that while taking part in the anti-terrorist operation (ATO), I lost part of my lower limb, and having such an injury, I cannot create a relationship with a girl. I understand very well that a girl herself will not want to marry a guy with mutilation, but I still want sex. That’s why I use the services of sex workers to satisfy my natural need. Masturbation and toys from a sex shop can’t replace to me a full-fledged sexual act with a girl, because these are completely different feelings and emotions.

As a user of sex services for whom, due to physical problems, this is the only way to get sex with a girl, I am very worried that in the future I may be thrown into prison for this. In my opinion, under the slogan “the body is not a commodity”, surrogate motherhood can also be banned, because this women, they are also selling their bodies. During this 8 years of war in Ukraine, a lot of people appeared here, in our country, with the same problems as mine, and for many of them sex for money is the only way to get some positive emotions.”

CO “Legalife-Ukraine”