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  • 📌 if police officers extort you for money, coerce you to sign illegal protocols, attempt to illegally search you;
  • 📌 if police officers exercise physical or symbolic violence (humiliate you, insult you, coerce you to cooperate, coerce you to sexual activity, rape you, etc.);
  • 📌 in case of sexual abuse;
  • 📌 if someone threatens to take away your children because of what you do;
  • 📌 if someone blackmails you, threatens you or limits your freedom in any way;
  • 📌 if someone refuses to provide the medical treatment or services because of what you do;
  • 📌 if you require help in applying for a passport or registration, etc.

Include sex workers in the COVID-19 response!

7 Aug 2020 15:08:58

Amnesty International public statement and report.

As the world has been shaken by COVID-19, those most marginalized, stigmatized, and criminalized have been pushed further into poverty, to the grave detriment of their health and human rights. Sex workers have not only been seriously impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, but also by governments’ emergency responses that, in many contexts, have been punitive, overbroad, and/or discriminatory.

Amnesty International urges governments to take targeted action to address the disparate impact of COVID-19 on sex workers and to protect their health and other human rights, including through tackling the key issues of concern that sex workers have raised since the outbreak of COVID-19, such as their exclusion from social and economic support schemes, increased criminalization and lack of protection from violence, and diminished access to health services.

This public statement was published by Amnesty International on 28th of July 2020

Full report and the statement is available by this link