10 Mar 2022 19:03:30

? “We are devastated by Russia’s attack on Ukraine and stand in solidarity with you and our Ukrainian partners at this terrible time. How are you and your team? What are your urgent needs? And what can we do to support you or the community you serve? ”

? “I am a sex worker from Germany. Our hearts are with you. I would like to help in any way to support sex workers in the crisis. “

? “I see the horror that is happening in Ukraine. I would like to send some money to women who have big problems. “

These are excerpts from letters that we at ‘Legallife-Ukraine’ receive every day from different parts of the world from partner organizations, friends and even strangers.

They are all looking for ways to help us in these times:

?Partner organizations open rapid response funds, announce resource gatherings to send to Ukraine. Thank you❤!

? Ordinary people send their own money – who can, and it’s very touching. Thank you❤!

Ukrainian Women’s Fund has already supported the UNITED FRONT OF SEX WORKERS OF UKRAINE and provided support for the purchase of food, medicine, water, etc. in 15 regions of Ukraine. Thank you❤!

Due to this, many families from different regions of Ukraine have already received help with medicines, food, water, etc. and will continue to receive it.

Thank you, friends, partners, not indifferent, all who support us at this time in Ukraine, Europe, in the world, we will stand together!

If you want to send funds to support sex workers affected by the war in Ukraine, see our bank details at

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